Question Asus FX706HEB gaming laptop, how to do a clean install?

Jul 4, 2023
When I tried to make an install usb device with windows 10 on it, it wouldnt show any drives. So I found some Intel drivers, and now I can get to a Windows desktop. Unfortunately when i tried the touchpad drivers, nothing happened, the pad wouldnt work. I'm going to try Win 11 setup disk/usb stick.

What do you think?


Jun 22, 2023
It's important to troubleshoot the issues with your Windows 10 installation USB and touchpad drivers before considering Windows 11. Ensure the USB device, ports, and ISO file are functioning properly. Install the correct touchpad drivers and check device settings.


To perform a clean install on the Asus FX706HEB gaming laptop, you can follow these steps: First, make sure you have a Windows installation media, such as a USB drive or DVD, and a valid Windows license key. Connect the installation media to the laptop and restart it. Access the BIOS settings by pressing a specific key (often Del or F2) during startup. In the BIOS, change the boot order to prioritize the installation media. Save the changes and restart the laptop. The Windows installation process should begin. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the installation language, enter the license key, and choose the installation type (custom or advanced). When prompted, select the drive on which you want to install Windows, and choose the option to format the drive. This will erase all existing data. Continue with the installation process, and Windows will be installed on your Asus FX706HEB laptop, providing a clean and fresh operating system.
did you read the OP issue? already install. issue with driver