How to Create Your Own Channel on Roku

Traditional television viewing is fading fast, and evolving into new models. Viewers today demand unlimited access to the content available to them. They are now in control of the devices and search boxes they use.
Roku is one of the models making it easy to view whatever you want. Other than providing exciting content from movie studios and broadcast TV, Roku allows you to create a private channel you can use as you wish. If it sounds impossible to have a private channel on your Roku device at home, then digital technology is to be credited for making this possible.

How to create a Roku Channel?
Read through this step by step guide to help you develop a Roku channel. You will manage to set up your own Roku channel in less than 20 minutes. You need to have a Roku device before you begin. Also, you need sample content and an account for your Roku device.
1. Add channel
Once you have set up your account, tap ‘Add Channel’, and 'Continue'. When the next page opens, tap ‘Direct Publisher’ and give the name of your channel.

2. Channel properties
You will find various parameters you need for your channel. This includes your preferred channel availability in various countries, age of the target audience, and language, among others. Set these parameters before proceeding to the next page.

3. Add a URL for content feeder
For this tutorial, utilize the readily available Feed URL from Roku. The site contains information about your favorite videos, such as language, description, title, and URL. Brand your channel as you deem fit, using colors and other content that you prefer.