How to customize notifications on your Galaxy S7


If your Galaxy S7 experience has been anything like mine, one of the first things you will want to do is turn off some of the Samsung notifications. Their apps are fairly low key but do like disturbing you quite regularly. The other thing you’re likely to want to do is customize notification sounds.

If you don’t want to disable TouchWiz or the Samsung apps, the next best thing is to turn off their notifications.

Turn off some of the notifications on a Galaxy S7
1. Navigate to your app drawer.
2. Tap More and then Settings (gear icon).
3. Disable the toggle next to Push notifications.
4. Disable any other notifications you see fit.

You will still get essential notifications, just not those you have deselected. Aside from removing those apps altogether, it makes living with the Galaxy S7 a much smoother experience.

Customize notification sounds on the Galaxy S7
Changing the way your new handset looks and feels is all part of the experience. Changing the default alert to something far more interesting is one of the first things I do whenever I get a new phone. Here’s how.

1. Swipe down on the notification panel.
2. Select the Settings gear icon.
3. Select Sound and vibration and then Notification sounds.
4. Select either device, message and S Planner notifications.
5. Tap Default notification sound.
6. Preview a sound from the list that appears and select by tapping it a blue dot signifies the selection. Press back to return to the previous menu once you have selected your sound of choice.
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