How to customize your avatar in Pokemon Go

With the latest update of Pokemon Go, you can now edit and customize your avatar, so you can now change how you look at any time you want.

Step 1)Access your avatar overview.
Simply tap on your portrait in the bottom left hand corner to bring up a menu that will display some of your account specific stats like badges, time joined, your current pokecoins, and your level.


Step 2)Choose to customize your avatar.
Tap on the three lined button in the bottom right of this screen and it will give you the option to either view your journal to see things that have happened to you in game lately, or customize. Tap on the customize to enter the avatar customization menu.


Step 3)Choose your outfit.
Here you are brought to the same screen you were first brought to when you started playing to create your avatar. You can change anything you like about your avatar here, including it's gender. so nothing you choose for yourself is a permanent setting, it can all be changed at any time with this new feature.


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