How to Disable Direct Replies to Comments in Facebook Pages?

As an admin of a Facebook page, sometimes you might need to moderate or restrict the replies to the comments posts of your page in order to avoid any misunderstanding or direct interaction among people. In order to apply such restriction on your Facebook page, you are rquired to update some page settings.

In order to disable direct replies to comments in Facebook page, follow the steps given below:

    ■On your favorite browser, open
    ■On the Facebook welcome screen that opens up, log in with your credentials (username and password).
    ■On the homepage of your Facebook profile, click the little gear situated on the top right corner of the screen.
    ■From the drop-down that appears, click the name of page on which you wish configure the above settings.

    ■On the page’s home page, under the Admin Panel, click Edit Page.
    ■From the drop-down that appears, click Edit Settings.

    ■On the settings page that opens up, under the General tab, click Edit representing the Replies category.
    ■From the expanded interface, uncheck the Allow replies to comments on my page checkbox.

    ■Once done, click the Save Changes button to save the changes.

Now direct replies to the comments on page posts will no more be available whatsoever.

Note: As a practice, turning on the profanity filter to medium is advised in order to filter some keywords and contents that are disturbing and objectionable to a community, and are spammed or banned by other users on your page and/or on the other pages.
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