How to Drag Text from One App onto Another Using your MacBook Pro

The plethora of features provided by the MacBook Pro is immense in nature and allows for ease of access like no other. The latest Mac OS X has been loaded with even more features to help the user and some of them are even being discovered up till date. And while not every Mac user is aware of these features and shortcuts, the knowledge of them can save a lot of time and effort.
One of these features is the ability to drag the text typed out in one app directly onto the other. Usually this process entails having to select, copy, and then paste on the other app. This can be done either by right clicking or by using shortcuts. However in the OS X there is an updates feature which makes this process even easier. Let’s see how to do this:

Step 1
Select the text in an app by either double clicking it or holding down the trackpad button and dragging the cursor over the text needed to be selected. The selected text will be highlighted in blue.

Step 2
Hold down the control key and click on the selected text again and you will see that the cursor changes to a green ball with a ‘+’ symbol inside it.

Step 3
While holding down the control key you can now drag the selected text outside the source app and onto another app and release both the control key and trackpad. This will essentially copy paste the selected text from the former app to the latter.

This is a great an easy way to move a piece of text from one app onto another and if you are dealing with two documents this can save you a lot of time.
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