How to earn more candies in Pokemon Go

Candies are what you use to evolve your pokemon, as well as power them up when combined with stardust. If you are trying to be competitive in gyms, or just looking to evolve a pokemon to get a new entry in your pokedex, you are going to need a lot of these.

Step 1)Catch a lot of the same pokemon.
Each pokemon you catch will give you 3 candies for that specific type of pokemon, so the more you catch the more you'll have to evolve or power up those specific types of pokemon.


Step 2)Transfer the pokemon you don't need.
Have a couple dozen pidgey you don't need or want? When you select them in your roster you can tap on the button in the bottom right hand corner that looks like three horizontal lines, and an option will be here to transfer them. This will earn you one candy per pokemon transfered, so every unwanted pokemon is now worth 4 candies when you catch them and transfer them.


Step 3)Hatch eggs!
Any time you hatch an egg you get candies to go with the type of pokemon that hatched as well, as many as 20 candies for one egg that I've seen. This can be a very effective way of getting candies for various rarer pokemon, but does require a lot of walking and luck.


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