How to Edit Photos in VSCO Cam

For many, smartphone cameras have become the camera they carry every day. There are a number of apps that you can use to edit photos. VSCO Cam is one of the more popular ones due to ease of use and quality. The following instructions will teach you how to use this photo editing tool:

1. Installation- Download and install the VSCO Cam app.

2. Photo Selection- Locate and select the photo you wish to edit.

3. Tapping and Views- Tap the photo you wish to edit while in thumbnail view or bring the photo to full view.

4. Editing- Tap the Edit icon to open up the editing options.

5. Presets- There are preset options you can choose from to alter your selected photo. Cycle through your preset options and tap to select an option.

6. Saving- When you have decided on a preset to use for your selected photo, slide upward and tap the check mark icon to save it.

7. Toolkit- There is an icon for a Toolkit to perform further editing. Simply repeat the above steps to edit more photos or use the toolkit, save them, repeat as necessary.
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