How to Enable Closed Captioning in Roku


Roku players, profoundly branded as Roku, founded in October 2002 manufactures a variety of digital media players allowing customers to access the internet streamed video, audio services through their television. This has been the easiest and convenient way to stream all forms of media.

You can access 4000+ free and paid channels that are packed with contents ranging from local favorites to the Blockbuster hits. You can activate the closed captioning (CC) feature to display the spoken elements, sound effects of a program or movie as text on your TV screen. Here’s how to enable the closed captioning in Roku.

On the Roku device
Generally, the closed captions are not visible to you unless activated. For a few service providers, the closed captioning gets activated within the channel. For many channels, you can enable it from the settings of your Roku device

Step 1
Press the ’Home’ button on your Roku Remote.

Step 2
Choose the ‘Settings’ option from the list of choices.

Step 3
Select the ‘Accessibility’ option to open the captions menu. If the accessibility option is absent, select ‘Captions’

Step 4
Select the 'Captions Mode' option. This will show you the caption modes.
- Off - Captions will never appear.
- On - The captions will always appear for the media when available from the service provider. If the service provider uses their own settings, the closed captions get activated within their channel

- Replay- The caption will appear only if you press the replay button in your Roku remote
- Mute - You can see the options only when you mute the volume. This mode is not present in all Roku devices

You can also customize the style of your caption by changing the background opacity, color, text style, size, and color.

You can now enable closed captioning while watching the streaming media content.