How to Enable Subtitles on VLC

With VLC, you can watch almost any type of media file. Sometimes, when you watch video, you want subtitles, especially when you watch a foreign film or watch a video in a loud area and want to follow the dialogue. The default set up for VLC is to not have the subtitles playing, but it can play embedded subtitles in DVD, SVCD, OGM files, and MKV files. If you want to enable the subtitles, simply follow these steps.

Step 1:
Open your VLC player and click on the media file you wish to play. Then, look for the Video menu. Click on the Video menu, which will lead to a drop down menu.

Step 2:
From the drop down Video menu, hover on the Subtitles track. It will list the available subtitle tracks, which may include different languages or other options.

Step 3:
Choose the subtitle option you want for the video by clicking on it. In some video formats, namely OGM and MKV, you can make changes to the style of the subtitles, since they are rendered text. You can change these options in the Preferences file in the Tools tab. Check the all bullet in the Show Setting Box and click on the Subtitles and OSD button. This allows you to choose a font file.

To enable subtitles on your VLC, simply click on the Subtitles track option under the Video menu. You disable subtitles the same way. It is easy to go back and forth depending on whether you need subtitles at a particular moment.