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  1. 1slavicc

    Solved! How can I use my mashita DVD-ram on my android tv installed on my PC

    I use an Acer Travelmate with Mashita DVD-ram UJ8HC built in. When I put a DVD, it recognises the DVD, but not to play with it, but as a storage device. How can I use my built in DVD player to play DVDs on my Acer Travelmate with Android TV 9 installed.?
  2. S

    Question what is the best configuration on vlc to play 1080p vidoes

    What are the best settings on vlc to play high resolution videos without any lag?
  3. B

    VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/'.

    Disc is DVD-R plays on standalone player but not on laptop.
  4. S

    Solved! About stream/IPTV urls adding to VLC Ver 9.3

    I HAVE INSTALLED VLC 9.3 IN ANDROID, to play stream/IPTV. How can I add, rather create, IPTV playlist urls in my android device ? Obliged if you can kindly email step by step guidance in detail ([don't post your email address on the forum] ),I am 85 yrs old, not IT QUALIFIED. THANKS
  5. Z

    Solved! How to convert my vlc program into a playable windows program

    How do I get my episodes ( that is only in VLC format) to play on my windows media player. It says that it does not support the file .
  6. B

    Solved! Can't select VLC media player as default meidia player

    I've downloaded VLC media player to my Progran files (x86) on my SSD but when I try to go to "default app settings" and click on "music player" or "video player" it only shows the standard windows products what should I do? [OS: Windows 10]
  7. D

    Solved! In VLC Media Player, Why Does the Video Go Blurry if I Pause and Move Frame-By-Frame Too Many Times?

    Hi everyone. I have a question related to the VLC Media Player. When you pause a video being played with the VLC Media Player you can move ahead one frame at a time by pressing the “E” key on your keyboard. The thing is, after pressing the “E” key to move ahead one frame at a time, the video...
  8. C

    VLC Media PLayer Across Dual Monitors

    So guys, I have now received two 27 inch curved monitor and I would like to span my movie across two screen. Please give me a simple 1, 2, 3 step-by-step guide. All of the other information that I could find online seems to be pretty old or outdated. I'm trying to do this on VLC media player and...
  9. C

    How do I zoom out? My media player is stuck, youtube and vlc work but everything else is extremely zoomed in.

    For the last week I have searched for a solution. Randomly, my windows media player zoomed in and I can only see pixels. I would normally just switch to VLC, but I teach online and it won't let me change. Please help me, I have been to two laptop repair shops and no answers.
  10. J

    Laptop only charges when running programs or processes

    The charging icon blinks on and off if im not running any programs like vlc or chrome. It started off as a random icon/LED blinking turning on and off and just goes away, but now its starting to demand more processes in the backround, im opening multiple movies in vlc and playing videos in...
  11. T

    laptop gets stuck for a few seconds whenever i open any video in vlc

    My laptop gets stuck for a few seconds whenever i open any vidoe in VLC. The system then creates a noise and the video starts. Once started there are no issues during playback. Please help me in resolving this issue. My laptop specs are: Dell Inspiron 14 5459 Windows 10 Pro x64 Ram 4 GB Hard...
  12. M

    Video became corrupted somehow

    So I have this video I rendered from Adobe After Effects in .mov. I use and play this video back a lot using VLC media player but now the whole video looks like this... I don't know what it is but it definitely wasn't there before. This file is like a couple months old.
  13. G

    Solved! Cannot create Audio Playlist on VLC for Android

    Using VLC Android app on a Chromebook. Plays audio files just fine, but there is no way to Add a New Playlist.
  14. J

    Vlc app starts to download the stops

    Vlc starts to download then stops saying error try again shortly
  15. K

    why vlc movie player cannot play in sparc tv

    why vlc movie player cannot play in sparc tv
  16. B

    Cannot play some videos

    Playback failure: VLC cannot set the DVD's title. It possibly cannot decrypt the entire disc. Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:\'. Check the log for details.
  17. U

    I'm streaming a video over the internet with vlc but where do I see the video that I'm streaming?

    I discovered how to stream videos using VLC Media Player. I completed all instructions and now I'm streaming (apparently) but where can my audience see it on the internet?
  18. U

    Some videos on YT and VLC have audio issues (boomy)

    I noticed a few days ago that some YT videos sound is boomy (only bass and no high frequency tones) and some videos on vlc have the same problem. Win 7 64bit. I recently added my headphones and mic into the front pannel of my pc so that I wouldnt have to insert the cords everytime I need to use...
  19. O

    MAC VLC Problem

    I can only get VLC to work on a PC using Explorer. I want to use it on my MAC but no matter what I do I can never get it to work even though I download the for MAC version. What am I doing wrong?
  20. D

    can i download the vcl player for a smart tv

    i have a smart tv how do i download the vlc meddia layer
  21. D

    I have VLC on Windows 10. DVDs play just fine but CDs won't play at all. can you please help. thanks

    Windows 10 VLC error message when I try to play a CD. Your input can't be opened VLC is unable to open the MRL'dvd:///E:/' . Check the log for details.
  22. N

    VLC Media player not playing audio

    VLC isn't playing audio whether I'm playing an mp3 or a movie. Windows Media Player and other stuff can. It works through my monitor speakers but not headphones. What I have tried to fix it: >Reinstalling my realtek driver >Restarting >Making sure default device is correct Any help would be...
  23. M

    vlc subtitles not working pls help

    few days back subtitles worked fine but now when i play a movie on vlc media player it plays fine but when i try to open subtitles it closes movie and open another picture on media player pls help
  24. C

    Bad file descriptor

    Vlc error file reading failed: VLC could not read the file (bad file descriptor) Any help? Anyone please?
  25. G

    How can I extract a frame from a video file and use it to create an icon for the video file

    On my laptop I use VLC to play avi files and on my desktop I use WMP. I want to be able to take a frame from my video and create an icon for the video using the frame I selected. Can anyone help me do this? Thanks! Joe
  26. P

    Any way to use SRTs with VLC?

    I'm trying to use an SRT file (subtitle file) with an MP3 on VLC, but whenever I load the subtitle file, VLC freezes for a couple of seconds, and then carries on as if nothing ever happened. I've tried resetting settings to default, and doing a complete re-install, neither of which helped. I've...
  27. V

    videos won't play in vlc pc

    High quality video cant play
  28. P

    changing a language

    how can i change a language from english to hindi in vlc media player
  29. D

    hey how to live video on my website via vlc player

    hey how to live video on my website via vlc player what code should be use in my website my website is in html code
  30. M

    Installing Skype broke other programs

    When my wife installed Skype on her Windows 7 computer, several programs quit working. VLC now reports it can't play the file because it has a virus. This happens for any file I give it, including files from my camera (which is firmware driven and cannot get a virus). Virus checkers don't find...
  31. J

    VLC Player problem

    http:// How to remove that? The Direct3D, CPU Voltage, and Frames per second overlaying the video.
  32. J

    Solved! Video lost frames when using vlc media player

    Computer spec Processor : i5 6400 GPU: MSI Gtx 960 Gaming X 4GB RAM: Kingston hyper x fury 8gb x1 Motherboard: Gigabyte H170m d3h I always meet lost frames problem when plying a 1280 x 720 anime. Any suggestion can solve this problem?
  33. O

    Choppy video 1080p .mkv file with vlc (no audio problems; no issues playing 1080p YouTube videos)

    I'm trying to watch a 1080p movie that I saved on my laptop, but there are isues with the video. The first portion is animated, and that plays fine, but as soon as the live-action part starts, the video lags, gets all pixelly, and the colors are distorted. No issues with the audio at any point...
  34. M

    VLC Player won't launch on Windows 10.

    I've tried uninstalling and re-installing... deleting the %appdata%/vlc folder... and rebooting. Double clicking does nothing. I cannot get to preferences or anything because the program literally won't start. It doesn't even show the process as running on Task Manager. Checked default apps and...
  35. P

    I want to use WMP on Windows 7 and vLC pops up and don't like the big black ugly screen

    Media player... has controls and I can interface music with it... vlc is a big black ugly screen how do i go back to windows media player... besides... vlc has taken over everything... and nobody gives out free lunches. How soon till they start demanding money?
  36. A

    CMD Window popping up randomly?

    Dear Community, I am currently experiancing a little CMD window what pops up every now and then. It's super rare when it happens and only happens when im watching walking dead on vlc player lol.. I have malware anti-bytes installed and it did find one threat but removed it. Any suggestions...
  37. A

    VLC quiets down when I receive a facebook notification

    I usually have a few tabs open at all times, facebook is one of them, as I generally wear headphones and my phone is out of sight and audio range because of that, so that is the only way to contact me, however, if I'm watching a movie, using VLC player, whenever I get a message on facebook and...
  38. M

    srt other than english not displaying in my vlc player. What do I do?

    I downloaded tamil (srt) subtitles for my video and opened it along with the video as usual. But it doesn't display on my screen, like English (srt) subtitles do. how can i fix this?
  39. K

    No play, just dumb questions

    Bought new pc. Clicked on DVD. "Choose app". Did so & installed. VLC just keeps asking: What would you like to do? v Use external storage as media library v Copy media to the internal storage This in no possible way makes any sense to me. I would be expecting: v Play v Rip And none of the...
  40. N

    VLC and WMP conflicts?

    I use Windows Media Player to test our holiday video/audio compilations (WMP is the only player my friend has). Apart from that use case, I myself prefer VLC. My current problem began when I tried to play an MP4 file via WMP -- which it couldn't. I then tried to play it in VLC. The status bar...
  41. S

    Is it just VLC Media Player is capable of streaming media over the local network? Or is there any other?

    Is it just VLC Media Player is capable of streaming media over the local network? Or is there any other?
  42. Z

    Every time I try to change playlist in VLC on my Macbook Pro, it doesn't work and just leaves the original playlist without m

    I have recently purchased a Macbook Pro Laptop, and am trying to use VLC Player on my new computer, but it seems to have gotten infinitely more complicated on Mac than it was on Windows.... It was very simple to work with playlists for videos in Windows, but on the Mac it is nearly impossible to...
  43. ebmurray21

    Best media player

    Besides the notable VLC what would you recommend as a media player? thanks in advance
  44. D

    VLC won't play .RAR

    VLC used to play these files, but now only loads the duration and video title. Have uninstalled and reinstalled newer versions with no success.
  45. S

    for a video file only audio is playing, video not playing

    when i played a movie by vlc player it plays only audio not vedio and some error msg popup there.
  46. Rafael Mestdag

    How to make Media Player Classic or VLC or some other video player remember the playlist position?

    I can't find any option to make either MPC or VLC to remember the playlist position it was last in, I mean the actual file it was playing in the list. If I close MPC or VLC and I was watching the 3rd file, whenever I double-click the playlist file again it will start from the first file on the...
  47. G

    What can I do with a smart TV?

    I just bought a Philips TV (this one, I think: http://www.usa.philips.com/c-p/32PFL4901_F7/4000-series-led-lcd-tv/specifications ), and it turns out it's a smart tv. It has failed to play flash and HTML5 videos so far, so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do about that? can I install...
  48. A

    VLC + MPC + Potplayer? Can I use all three?

    Can I use all three on my Laptop? I mean, I am not asking to run all of them at once. But can I keep all three players on my laptop? So that I can use different player for different media files without having to uninstall or reinstall one. Will the three software create any type of issue on my...
  49. S

    All media players keep freezing!

    I use GOM player and VLC and all of a sudden they all freeze. GOM player might work for a couple seconds but that's it. VLC freeze at the first frame. I have not made any updates or made any other changes so it's very odd. I have windows 10
  50. M

    1080p videos suddenly lagging?

    I was using MPC for a whole season of friends but all of a sudden the videos located in my HDD began lagging really badly, but this only started after like 15 episodes?? Now sometimes it runs but only if I sign out like 5 times. This also happens on VLC. I'm currently using ~11% of my CPU and...
  51. P

    DVD/Blu Ray player suddenly stopped playing Blu Rays

    It's this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-External-3D-Blu-ray-Writer/dp/B01468IUFS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1462097754&sr=8-2&keywords=samsung+dvd+blu+ray+writer When I bought it, I plugged it into my laptop and it worked fine. VLC instantly loaded and it just started playing the disk. It...
  52. D

    No sound with specific programs when using headset.

    Noticed when I'm using my headset which is a Sades SA-903 I get no sound in VLC and Dark Souls III, Both programs work fine with my speakers. I'm currently running Win 7, but a few weeks ago I tried the free upgrade to Win 10 and noticed that I had sound with my headset in VLC, don't know about...
  53. C

    VLC Media player won't play DVD'S on my Asus laptop

    I can open the VLC and it has my own video's on there but the dvd I want to play is nowhere to be found..
  54. S

    how to stream from VLC to smart tv

    I have a sony bravia 40hx755 and i can stream from WMP to the tv but can not do it from VLC. WMP can not read mkv files... Cannot find a single guide on the web about it. Help?
  55. M

    Acer aspire laptop

    I do not know what is wrong with my laptops but when I watch TV shows I have downloaded like say (King of The Hill) (American Dad) (Family Guy) (That 70s Show) and a bunch more. My laptop won't shut off unexpectedly, but if I watch a movie like (Fast 7) (Get Hard) and a bunch bunch more, my...
  56. S

    Intel Compute Stick or Kangaroo

    Thanks for the review! I need a small machine that runs local 1080p video files on VLC smoothly (some are large mkv files). I can go either with the Compute Stick or with the cheaper Kangaroo but I want it to last and the heat issue worries me. 1080p on vlc is my only use for this machine...
  57. S

    Been getting little blue box that pops up just above date and time?

    Most of the time it pops up(slides up behind the task bar into place right above the date and time) it asks me to update VLC player, with a few times where it asked me to update Libre office, I have the option to don't show again or to update, but I usually click the little X at the top right...
  58. N

    can i create a macro which will automatically create a playlist from a directory, so that new files added to the directory aut

    I save all of my music files to a directory on my F: drive. To start VLC, I currently open the program (M1 on my Razer keyboard), manually select the directory, and VLC plays all the files in the location (f>program files>mymusic). Is there a way to program my keyboard to automatically make...
  59. Rafael Mestdag

    What's the best Video Player: VLC or Media Player Classic?

    I've been using MPC ever since I can remember, but I have to admit that VLC seems to produce a better image. Is it only an impression? Which is best? By the way, the main disadvantage I see in VLC is that it doesn't come with a function to continue the video files where you left off, like MPC...
  60. S

    ESET says some VLC website mirrors are on filtered website list/contain malware???

    So, I was reinstalling Windows 10 on a computer, and this computer has ESET Smart Security 8 on it. When I went to download VLC player (from www.videolan.org) I got an popup from ESET complaining that some of the mirrors that VLC uses are on their "filtered website" list (basically means that...