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  1. L

    VLC lagging with a 200 GB .mov file

    need help with VLC not playing a 200 GB .mov file from USB 3.0 hard drive it'll play fine with some of the other 150 GB files, I've plugged it into another (slower) computer and it plays fine. running Windows 7 64bit VLC version 2.21. Thanks.
  2. R

    MKV Files have audio but no video

    I just began dualbooting Zorin OS (linux distro based on ubuntu) alongside windows 8.1. The only issue I have is that MKV files will not have any picture when they play, only audio. I've tried VLC and smplayer. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? When I play the same file with...
  3. L

    VLC lags when playing HD videos, but not if I turn off audio

    Sometimes, when I play 720p or 1080p videos with VLC, it lags to the point that I can't watch the video at all. However, if I turn off the audio on these videos, it plays fine. I've tried adjusting the caching rate and several other fixes I've found around the web, but nothing seems to work. Help?
  4. N

    Unable to play videos (VLC, YouTube, MPC-HC etc.)

    Problem: ------------------ I can't play videos, including ordinary video files and any type of YouTube video. I've so far tried mp4, webm, YouTube and mkv. None of these work. The files won't play in VLC, MPC-HC or Windows Media Player and webm doesn't work in any of these including chrome...
  5. P

    Doubt regarding vlc on mac

    How do I change the audio language on a mac?
  6. L

    Trouble with wireless audio streaming from one computer to another

    Hey guys. Predicament: I seem to be having some trouble streaming audio from my desktop computer to my laptop. I'm attempting this so that I can use my Bluetooth headset (desktop doesn't have Bluetooth, laptop does). Method: I've tried a few methods involving streaming all PC audio through VLC...
  7. O

    All Media Players Crash When Playing Any Video Files?

    So for the past month or so I've had the issue of all my media players crashing when playing videos. Initially I thought it to be my video driver, however a update revealed that was not the problem. I thought it was a specific set of videos I was playing, but playing other videos and videos off...
  8. M

    VLC player doesn't play the subwoofer...

    VLC player doesn't play the subwoofer, even when set to directX sound with 5.1 surround and my (correct) speakerset selected. The file is .ac3, directly converted from youtube, which DOES play the subwoofer. Thanks in advance for any clarification! MrRB
  9. JoeMomma

    Video playback has become unstable

    I used to use VLC but now it crashes any time I move the mouse. Windows Media Player crashes too. TVMC + Kodi is the only player that works, but I prefer VLC. I tried turning off my o/c and SLI. Asus Z97-AR, i5-4690K, 8GB RAM, 2x GTX660, 128+512GB SSD, 2TB WD Green. Fresh Windows 7 Pro and...
  10. J

    Highest Quality Video Playback

    Hey folks. I've been downloading videos for years, and until recently, .avi format was all I really cared for due to storage concerns and availability. Lately, I have a computer capable of playing back full 4k video at 60fps and I've been dabbling in bluray downloads, usually .iso files that I...
  11. A

    my vlc seetting is disturbed and i m unable to see any video..how i can adjust video..i have xp windows on my compuer..tell me

    my vlc seetting is disturbed and i m unable to see any video..how i can adjust video..i have xp windows on my compuer..tell me
  12. C

    MKV Player to rule them all

    So both VLC and MPC are stuttering and failing terribly at playing MKV files. MPC tends to be a smoother experience, but still tends to drop a few frames here and there. This generally happens after I've paused the video, and usually encounter few problems when I don't pause. However, my...
  13. Spiritos

    Weird behaviour/troubleshooting PC->HDMI->Receiver->bitstreaming audio (MPC-HC and VLC)

    I recently assembled a new monster-PC (Win 8.1 64x/i7-4790K/Asus Z97 Pro/MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2 GB) and connect to my PC-monitor using DVI and HDMI to my receiver (Sony HT-SS1300: http://www.sony.nl/support/nl/content/cnt-specs/HT-SS1300/list) I use MPC-HC (and occassionaly VLC but I prefer MPC)...
  14. W

    VLC playback issues.

    Every once in a while VLC Player tends to just gray out during playback. The screen turns to a gray, pixellated image for a few seconds, and when the scene switches, it returns to normal. Occasionally, VLC will also just pause during playback as well. I'm not sure how to fix the problem or...
  15. M

    1080p Video lagging on vlc

    Hi I system restored my computer, and now when I open gopro (1080p) videos in vlc it starts to stutter and lag after around 15 seconds. It never use to lag before I system restored. It isnt my hardware limiting it as it is all new. I believe it couldby drivers maybe? my gpu drivers etc are up to...
  16. tomsguideUS

    Apps Tutorials and How-To's

    App Tutorials Dropbox How to Send Files from Dropbox to Mailbox How to Earn Free Dropbox Space Skype How to Send Files Over Skype Block Unwanted Skype Callers How to Turn Off In-App Skype Notifications How to Record Skype Video Calls How to Delete Old Skype Messages How to Change Font Size of...
  17. J

    4K laptop has choppy video on 4k video played on VLC

    I bought this (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834317540) laptop, and tried to watch a 4k video on Youtube. It was choppy. I buffered, still choppy. I downloaded a 4k video, AND VLC, still choppy. I updated by graphics card, still choppy. I set the VLC output to Open GL...
  18. A

    Video lags with every player without vlc

    whenever i start a video with km player or any other player without vlc video lags but audio is ok, even my pc is getting very slow in all other players this problem occurs but only in VLC player everything is ok till yesterday everything was fine but suddenly from today videos with any players...
  19. P

    i am going to install vlc 2.0.4 in ubanto, but after folloing given steps i got 'Inspiron-N5010:~$' this masage. please tell w

    i am going to install vlc 2.0.4 in ubanto, but after folloing given steps i got 'Inspiron-N5010:~$' this masage. please tell what to do?
  20. Z

    No i use vlc media player 2.1.5 and there is no subtitle track option

    I M Using VLC Media player 2.1.5 version and there no subtitle track option else i add subtitle file the file isn`t working
  21. A

    How to Set Up a Playlist in VLC

    The media player VLC can play any type of audio, video, and media files and works across platforms, which is why it is a popular option. To make it easy to play a number of your files in a particular order, you can create a playlist. With VLC, you can create as many playlists as you would like...
  22. A

    How to Stream Videos Over the Internet With VLC

    The popular free media player VLC has many different characteristics that make it attractive to many users, including that it can play almost any media file across all platforms. Additionally, VLC makes it easy to stream your video and other media files over the Internet or a local network. To...
  23. A

    How to Enable Subtitles on VLC

    With VLC, you can watch almost any type of media file. Sometimes, when you watch video, you want subtitles, especially when you watch a foreign film or watch a video in a loud area and want to follow the dialogue. The default set up for VLC is to not have the subtitles playing, but it can play...
  24. A

    How to use a Phone as a Remote for VLC

    VLC is a free and open-sourced media player that works across platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, and Linux and plays most media files. When you use this media player on your device, you might want a remote so you can enjoy it without having to sit right next to your device, which you...
  25. G

    What is xsandbox.bin?

    Hello Can anyone please tell me what is "xsandbox.bin"? It shows VLC media player icon. Also, let me know if it is safe or should be removed. Thank you in advance. Regards K. Ganesh
  26. ZenShredder

    HD Video Being Compressed & Causing Artifacts

    Hello, so recently I did a clean install on my laptop of Windows 8.1 onto a WD Black 2 drive. After finally getting everything set up and good to go, I've ran into a major issue that I've never had problems with and have no idea where to begin on fixing. Before I jump into this, here's my specs...
  27. S

    my VLC is not working why?

    my vlc media player is not working i wanted to watch a movie i downloaded but it said "the application VLC can not be opened" I'm starting to worry because i just got this new macbook 2 days ago and... yeah.. please help i don't even know what to do help please!!!!!
  28. Zarok Aleon

    Secure way to get portable programs.

    Hey Thanks for taking to take the time to read this. I have been getting more and more into computers and want to start helping other people with things, but in order to help them like with malicious software I need to have an external copy of it, Like on a flash drive, To plug in and be able...
  29. V

    Can't resize VLC window

    When I open some videos, I think 1080p video, VLC opens to such a size that I can't drag it around to find the bottom right corner so I can resize the window. This is a problem when I want to have VLC open on top of my browser in a box-like window. I've tried resetting all my preferences in...
  30. N

    CD won't rip or play

    CD only plays in VLC, absolutely nothing else works (WMP and FB2K). I'm trying to rip it but VLC doesn't do anything when I try and nothing else works. Plays in my DVD player no problem, my PC drive plays/rips everything else perfectly. My PC drive: Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS DVD/CD Writer...
  31. 3hunna

    Songs lagging / sturing & skipping on Vlc player

    Alright it all started to happen after I replaced my mobo & when I played music with vlc the music played but at some points it stopped & didn't play that point & skipped , So I reinstalled windows cause I heard that changing mobo requires you to reinstall the os so I did cause I thought that...
  32. B

    720p 1080 stutters

    Hello! I use a Toshiba Satellite NB10t-A-101 and as advertised is capable of playing 1080p content...well i`ve got problems with 720p not mentioning the 1080p(not working at all).I have tried vlc with the fixes that our found here on Th still struggling and nothing works,CyberLink pdvd14 still...
  33. M

    Blu Ray Software

    I am looking for some good cheap blu ray software. I tried to use a mod to VLC, but have had issues since VLC has recently gone to a new version and the mods all seem to be for an older version. Thoughts?
  34. Vitric9

    VLC....what GPU acceleration?

    I looked this up and every forum says click "Enable GPU/Hardware Acceleration" Which there is no option for in the video or Codecs. Though you can enable DXVA which is horrid to look at. You sort make out what your viewing. I don't how high the CPU usage gets on some gameplay footage I recorded...
  35. 3hunna

    Does VLC player still damage speakers???

    I got vlc player on my desktop but I heared if you use VLC on laptops it damages their speakers so my question if I got VLC on my Android would it damage it's speakers too? As far as I know VLC for Android is still in beta stage
  36. W

    I want a graphic equalizer that is NOT part of another sound player

    My new Windows 7 machine (HP Pavilion 1380t) has good-enough sound quality but NO graphic EQ (I don't know whether this was a choice by Microsoft or by HP). Seems like every Windows machine I've ever owned had one (I believe part of the software that accompanied the sound driver). I've looked...
  37. D

    VLC doesn't play .264 files. VLC will play .h264 files, but ".264" files are raw video files. He is looking for an answer no

    This thread helps specify a questions about .264 files
  38. K

    Getting rid of adding subtitles everytime in vlc player

    I need to add srt files of movie subtitles everytime i play, what setting i shall use to get rid of it
  39. K

    file to vlc conversion

    hey guys I have a video but its format is "file", so to open it by selecting vlc from open with option, but I want to add this video on my mobile so I want it to convert this file to vlc. How do we do that? when I click on properties to change its format I cant because there is no other...
  40. P

    VLC installer vs Portable Version

    Hi is there any advantages of using the installer version of VLC to the portable version?
  41. J

    Can't see anything in VLC but can when i open video in windows media player

    I used dxtory to film a commentary on something. However i can only hear the audio but i can't hear myself talking, also the screen is black. This only happens when i play the video in vlc but doesn't happen when i open it in windows media player
  42. Z

    How good is VLC

    Hey everybody, getting tired of Itunes and want to switch over. All of my audiophile buddies praise on how VLC is "THE BEST AUDIO/MULTIMEDIA PLAYER". Is it really what people say it is like or is it just overrated. Also, what audio/multimedia player would you suggest if you do not perfer VLC?
  43. W

    VLC move subtitles right/left

    I have a 3840x1080 pixel video (Full HD, 3D, side by side) which I am watching as 2D and I have problems with the subtitles position. I use it as 2D by setting the aspect ratio to 32:9 (instead of 16:9) and then cropping 1920/2=960 off the right or left (to see the right or left image). But...
  44. Y

    Opening mkv bluray

    downloaded the hobbit 1080p bluray, it opens with vlc media play and works. but was wondering if vlc displays it as it should( in terms of quality) or do i need another program to play 1080p bluray files as they should be played.( its .mkv) Thanks
  45. viveknayyar007

    VLC Player Volume Is No Longer Controlled by Mouse Wheel

    As per VLC Player’s default configuration, every time the program is used to play the audio or video file, its volume can be controlled by moving the mouse wheel up or down. When the mouse wheel is moved up, the volume increases. Likewise, when the mouse wheel is moved down, the volume...
  46. viveknayyar007

    VLC Player Plays Movies but No Audio or Video Is Available

    If you are experiencing this problem, this means that someone has deliberately or accidentally disabled the audio and video options in your instance of VLC Player. If someone has not messed with your copy of the application, it is likely that any incompatible application has done this...
  47. viveknayyar007

    VLC Player Menus in Menu Bar Are Displayed in Strange Language

    It is quite possible that someone has changed the default language for your instance of the VLC Player application. When this happens, the biggest problem is that you are not able to understand what the menus and the lists say, and therefore you are forced to uninstall the program and reinstall...
  48. viveknayyar007

    VLC Player Menus in Menu Bar Are Displayed in Strange Language

    It is quite possible that someone has changed the default language for your instance of the VLC Player application. When this happens, the biggest problem is that you are not able to understand what the menus and the lists say, and therefore you are forced to uninstall the program and reinstall...
  49. viveknayyar007

    VLC Player Does Not Play Any File

    It seems that the default or other modified settings that your instance of VLC Player had are completely messed up. If you start reversing the process and try to undo each setting that you modified, it would take you ages to revert the settings back. If, by any chance, you skip anything, you...
  50. viveknayyar007

    I Want My Multimedia Keyboard to Control VLC Player Volume

    If you have purchased a multimedia keyboard, it is obvious that you would like to control different options that your operating system provides without going through the lengthy processes to get the job done. For example, if you want to increase or decrease the volume of your computer, with the...
  51. viveknayyar007

    Can I Play Movie as Desktop Wallpaper Instead of Playing from Within Movie Player?

    VLC Player is the finest video player that you can find today on the internet. It is the features of VLC Player that make it to be the number one choice for masses of people all over the world when it comes to playing video files. With help of it, you can do several things which are not possible...
  52. viveknayyar007

    How To Use A SRT File In VLC Player

    While watching a video or a movie on VLC Player, sometimes you face a problem in understanding as to what is being said. One of the biggest reason for this problem can be language barrier. Well, the only solution to this problem is Subtitles. It is common that while watching a video or a movie...
  53. viveknayyar007

    Audio Output in VLC Player is Very Low

    No such problem is big enough if you are using VLC Player. While using this player, you can overcome all such obstructions related to audio or video. Often people have been found complaining of the fact that audio output of their video files is really very low. If you watch such videos without a...
  54. viveknayyar007

    Audio in VLC Player Plays at Very Fast Tempo

    VLC Player is the best way in which you can solve out all minute problems concerning the video and audio files. For example, if you find problems with the Tempo in an audio file, you can sort it out within matter of seconds. Of all the complaints that are encountered by the viewers, problems...
  55. viveknayyar007

    Audio in My VLC Player Has Hissing Noise when Playing

    VLC Player is the most versatile video player in which you can play videos those are available in different formats. If you are using VLC Player for playing videos and movies, you can do tons of experiments with your files. VLC Player provides several options, with the help of which you can...
  56. L

    VLC record issue

    I'm trying to extract a clip from an MPEG-2 file using VLC 2.1.0 on Windows 7. File keeps saving as an audio-only MP3. Any suggestions?
  57. B

    wondering about OpenGL

    Hey I recently installed battlefield 3 and VLC gave me an error and crashed soon as the game loaded, upon googling what the issue was, I found the game does not like to share its directx with anything and thus vlc cant output using its default method. The fix people recommended was using OpenGL...
  58. V

    Help with elusive virus/problem

    Many programs are closing without an error, such as: VLC when playing video, Steam, System Properties and whatever windows uses to view pictures by default. I have uninstalled and re-installed VLC and Steam, and scanned my computer with Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes says it found some files and...
  59. I

    Video lags in WMP but not VLC

    As the title says I recorded a video and it lags in WMP but not in VLC. In the settings it says the FPS is 0 but that's not true since it plays perfectly in VLC. I recorded some different videos and they play in WMP they play perfectly. Anyone know what causes this problem with this one...
  60. F

    Media Conversion with VLC (FLAC to MP3)

    I have been trying to convert FLAC files to MP3 using VLC (2.0.6). I Have tried the following steps: Media>Convert/Save Add File (under the File Tab) and Press Conver/Save Button Chose Destination, gave it a name with no spaces, and an extension Here is where I have tried multiple things. I...