Weird behaviour/troubleshooting PC->HDMI->Receiver->bitstreaming audio (MPC-HC and VLC)


Jun 19, 2013
I recently assembled a new monster-PC (Win 8.1 64x/i7-4790K/Asus Z97 Pro/MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2 GB) and connect to my PC-monitor using DVI and HDMI to my receiver (Sony HT-SS1300:

I use MPC-HC (and occassionaly VLC but I prefer MPC) to play movies on my TV-screen.
I have not installed FFDShow since I read it became redundant so it's a pretty bare install.

Yet when I switch from my PC-monitor to my TV (receiver) I can't use the Windowkey-P shortcut but have to use NVidia Config to deactivate my PC-monitor and activate my TV/Receiver after which I need to set my correct audiodevice in Windows sound config.

Since my receiver is able to decode DTS and AC-3 (and play HD sound though not decode it) I opt in these settings in MPC-HC but then I have no audio at all. I need to opt out the bitstreaming but then I don't get real 5.1 audio out of my HCC 5.1 setup.

Weird thing is VLC (sometimes) does give me (correct) 5.1 even though I haven't changed the default settting.

Another weird thing is I need to reboot my PC in order to follow the above script. I think it has to do with the fact I also use an external AI (Steinberg UR-44) which somehow messes things up if I used it prior to switching to my TV but that's only a hunch -since I can't understand why.

So: What is my problem? I'd prefer bitstreaming but opting-in gives me no audio at all and when I let the receiver handle the audiostream I get a 'smucked up' version of 5.1 (so no real 5.1 FX).

Kinda lost here -even though I plowed through numerous tutorials like: which in effect only address the bitstreaming which doesn't work correctly.

Any sharp minds willing and able to point me in the right direction?