Enabling the Pocket share option on iOS 8 takes just a few taps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Once enabled, you'll be able to share to Pocket using any app that's integrated with iOS' native share function (i.e. Safari).

Here's how to set up the Pocket share option, for saving webpages and articles to your Pocket account:

Enabling the Pocket Share Option

1. Download Pocket to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch;
2. Open your Safari browser;
3. Tap the Share Button;


4. Swipe the colored icons to the left, until you see the More icon. Tap it;


5. Find Pocket in the list and tap the switch next to it to enable;



6. Tap Done;
7. Now, when you tap the Share button, Pocket will appear in the colored icon list. This will be the case in other apps that have share options, as well!



How do you get Pocket to appear as the first icon in the colored icon list?
» Under the More icon, you can rearrange the order in which icons appear. Tap the three lines to the far right of the app you want to move and slide it to the desired position.

When I tap More, I don't see Pocket! What's wrong?
» Make sure that you've downloaded the Pocket app. If so, be sure you're tapping the More icon on the colored icons row; there's another More icon just below it, with colorless icons.