How to evolve a pokemon in Pokemon Go

Looking to evolve that lowly magicarp but not sure how to do it? Look no further, I'll show you how to make that floppy fish into a mighty garados!

Step 1)Get the candies required.
Not sure how to get the candies you are going to need to evolve a pokemon? Check out my separate guide located here to read up on how to get these.


Step 2)Select the pokemon in your roster.
Tap the pokeball at the bottom and then select the pokemon option on the left to go to your roster. Scroll through the list until you find the pokemon you are looking to evolve, if you are having trouble finding it you can sort this list using the option on the right to select sorting them alphabetically by name, by when they were caught, by their CP, by their max HP, by their number in the pokedex, or by if you have selected them as a favorite or not.


Step 3)Select the evolve option.
Tap on the evolve option and a confirmation window will appear, hit yes on this and you'll get to watch a short scene of your pokemon evolving in a flash of light. Once you have confirmed the evolution you can't hit 'B' to cancel it though! Make sure you are evolving the right pokemon before you confirm it.


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