How to Extract Boot Sector Information from a Bootable DVD

UltraISO is a premium system tool that creates ISO images from bootable disks. These images are bootable that can further be moved to a removable storage like a USB drive, which can be used for booting operating systems over PCs and different rigs.

The bootable disc has a .BIF file i.e. boot information file which is responsible for booting the disc from a removable storage. Every bootable disk, thus, has a .BIF file that makes it bootable. The difference between a normal installation disk and a boot time installation disk lies mainly in the boot information sector.

The boot information depends on the architecture of the operating system on which the boot file is embedded. Under similar architecture this boot information file can actually be extracted from a bootable ISO image and stored for any different use.

If you wish to extract boot sector information from a bootable DVD, you can accomplished this task very easily through the option provided in UltraISO.

In order to extract the boot sector from a bootable ISO image, you need to follow the below described method:

    ■Initialize the UltraISO program using any account privileges.

    ■Ensure that the bootable CD/DVD is inserted in the DVD drive.

    ■On the Ultra ISO is main window, click Bootable from the menu bar at the top.

    ■From the drop-down list that appears, click on Extract Boot Files from CD/DVD.


    ■On the Extract Boot Sector box that appears, choose the target CD/DVD drive.

    ■In the Output FileName box, browse and locate the target folder where you want to extract the boot sector.

    ■Once done, click the Make button.


The boot sector file that you just extracted can be used over a similar architectural program to make it bootable. For example, if you have a Windows 7 bootable DVD, you can extract its boot sector and use on a non-bootable copy of Windows 8’s image to make it bootable.

Remember you cannot use XP’s boot sector file over Windows 7 as they differ in architecture and build style.

Note: When you are extracting the boot sector information, always remember not to change the extension of the file that is created. If you do so, the bootable disc may not function as expected.
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