How to Facebook Share a YouTube Video on Android

Facebook allows users to share the videos that are uploaded on YouTube. With this, users can save a lot of time and Facebook doesn’t have to face the overhead of managing millions of videos that could be posted on its servers.

While using a PC, you can share any YouTube video on your Facebook timeline, page, or group by copying the share link of the video and pasting it on Facebook. On the other hand, while using an Android smartphone to view YouTube videos, every video has a share icon available at the top. This icon can be used to share the selected video on your Facebook profile.

Here’s how:

    ■Turn on your Android phone.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the YouTube app icon.

    ■Once this is done, on the What to Watch interface, tap the target video that you want to share on Facebook.

    ■Once the video streaming starts, tap the Share icon (icon with three connected dots in middle), from the top-right corner of the interface.

    ■On the Share this video via interface, tap the Facebook icon from the available options to share video on Facebook.

    ■On the Your Timeline interface, you can put your thoughts in the Write something box, and tap the Post button from the top-right corner of the share the post on your timeline.