How to Fix No Sound or Mono Sound While Plugged Into the HTC Vive Headphone Jack


This tutorial will provide for you the necessary information for this error. If you are experiencing this problem than just follow this steps:

Step 1. Wake up your headset if it is in standby mode

  • ■ Check if SteamVR is running
Step 2. Make sure that the SteamVR is sending audio to the Vive

  • ■ SteamVR > Settings > Audio > In the Set Playback Devices > choose HTC – VIVE or speakers
Step 3. Check if Windows is sending audio to the HTC-VIVE-0 audio device

  • ■ Open Windows > Volume icon > Playback devices > choose HTC-VIVE-0 > Set as default device
    ■ You may need to also do this: select any audio device you choose > Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices
Step 4. Make a quick check on the volume of HTC-VIVE-0 Audio Device and Windows Volume Mixer.

  • ■ Volume icon > set the volume slider for HTC-VIVE-0 to 50%
Step 5. Change the Windows audio device to Speakers-2-USB Audio Device

  • ■ Open Windows > Volume icon > Speakers 2-USB Audio Device > Set as Default Device.
Step 6. Try the extra USB port on your HTC Vive

  • ■ Plug in the headphones into the extra USB ports on your headset
Step 7. Use HTC-VIVE-0 HMDI

  • ■ Because of extra latency when sending audio over USB.
Step 8. Check the shape and position of the headphone jack

  • ■ Some headphone jacks may not fit properly into the cable panel on your headset.
    ■ Try to fully plug them in or you can use the audio extension cable that you get with Vive.
Step 9. Make a test on the stereo positioning

  • ■ Open Windows > Volume icon > Playback Devices > Highlight HTC-VIVE-0 or 2-USB-Audio Device.
    ■ Select the highlighted device > Test.
    ■ If your headphones are working properly than you will hear two sounds, one after other.
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