How To Fix Non-Working USB Ports On Toshiba Satellite Laptop


USB ports have been a convenience since their conception and implementation on various computing devices. There are numerous documented cases where USB ports on laptop have been rendered inoperable either due to user negligence or due to hardware failure. This tutorial will show you how to fix non-working USB ports on your Toshiba Satellite laptop.

1. Armed with the model and/or SKU for your Toshiba Satellite laptop, visit Toshiba’s support site and make sure you’re on the latest BIOS revision for your specific model of Toshiba’s Satellite range of laptops.

2. Make sure you’re on the latest chipset and/or USB drivers. You can check to see if there are any latter revisions and simply install them after downloading. Depending on your platform, you will be asked to remove the prior revision during installation.

3. Rule out that one or more ports are the issue by relocating the device in question to another available USB port on the laptop.

4. Rule out that the USB ports themselves aren’t the culprit by taking the devices in question and plugging them into a donor system’s USB ports.

5. Go to Device Manager>Universal Serial Bus controllers.

6. Right click on USB Root Hub>Properties>Power Management tab.

7. Uncheck the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Apply the same for every USB Root Hub listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers.

8. Click OK.

9. Reboot your laptop.

10. If that doesn’t change your USB ports behavior, you can likewise retry steps 5 and 6 but this time, under Universal Serial Bus controllers, uninstall all that is listed and reboot your laptop.

11. If the ports themselves are unresponsive after trying the above steps, power down the laptop.

12. Disconnect all connections to your laptop, including the AC power adapter.

13. Remove the battery from your laptop.

14. Press down and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds. The laptop should have all its residual power depleted.

15. If your laptop has an internally mounted/sealed battery you will need to disconnect the AC power connection, flip your laptop over and underneath you should see a pinhole for resetting the laptop. Use a straightened paper clip, insert it and hold down the button for at least 30 seconds.

16. Replace the battery and AC power input and see if you regain functionality of your USB ports.

Hopefully you’ve regained functionality of your USB ports on your Toshiba Satellite laptop after following the above steps.
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