How to Fix the Netflix App Not Working on Windows 10


Netflix application has become one of the most popular applications present in one’s phone. People have started to use Netflix on a regular basis to watch their favorite TV shows and the movies. There is a wide range of cool and intuitive features present in the Netflix application. Here is how you can solve the issue of your Netflix Application not working on the Windows 10 Operating System.

Step 1
Go to 'Device Manager'
The user needs to update the Graphics Driver to ensure that they are up to date with regard to the latest operating system. The user should press the right button of the mouse ‘Start Symbol’ and then ‘Device Manager’

Step 2
Update 'Driver software'
The user then needs to right-click the ‘Intel Graphics Card’ under the display adapters. Then press the ‘Update Driver Software’ option to complete the updating of the graphics card if not updated.

Step 3
Download 'Microsoft Silverlight'
If the Netflix application still does not work on Windows 10, then you can try downloading and installing the latest Silverlight. This is because Netflix uses the Silverlight for streaming the videos in windows 10. The user should open the browser and search for the links to download Microsoft Silverlight. Click the ‘Microsoft Silverlight’ link to get the latest Silverlight.

Step 4
Install 'Microsoft Silverlight'
In the next page, the user has to click ‘Install for Windows’ to install the latest version of Silverlight.

Step 5
The next step is to flush the windows DNS Cache and then re-run the Netflix application on the Windows 10 Operating System. The user has to click ‘Windows’ Symbol, then type in ‘cmd then right-click the ‘Command Prompt’ option and choose the ‘Run as administrator’.

Step 6
Now, in the command prompt type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ to flush the windows DNS cache

You can make the Netflix application work on the Windows 10 operating system by following the above steps