How to Force Close Apps and Programs in Windows

One of the great frustrations in working with computers is when a program becomes unresponsive or freezes unexpectedly. Programs are never perfect and, from time to time, you may experience these issues. It is important that you know how to force close these apps or programs so that you can restart them and finish whatever it is that you may be working on. Here is how you can force close a program in Windows.

Step 1: Open the Windows Task Manager. This can be done a few different ways. One method is to press Control – Alt – Delete at the same time. You could also click your Start menu and enter task manager into the Search box.

Step 2: Once the Windows Task Manager is open, make sure the Applications tab is open. You will see a list of programs running. Those that have frozen will say “Not Responding” next to them. Click on the program that you want to force close.

Step 3: After selecting the program, click End Task at the bottom of the window. A dialog box will pop up to inform you that any unsaved data will be lost. Click OK. This will force the program to close.

When the troublesome program has been closed, you can then restart it to continue working. You can also use a shortcut to force close an active window. If you press Alt and F4 at the same time, the window you are working in will be forced to close. Keep in mind that any unsaved data will be lost.