How to Force Restart iPhone X

What Is Force Restart?
In any iPhone, Force Restart, a.k.a. Hard Reset means shutting down your iPhone forcefully and abruptly, and letting it restart normally afresh. When you perform force restart, all the apps running in the background exit without saving any data or files you’ve been working on.
When to Force Restart an iPhone?
There can be several instances when force restarting your iPhone becomes mandatory, including:
[listNum]■Your iPhone started behaving abnormally
■It is stuck on “Verifying Updates”
■It became unresponsive
■You want to get your iPhone to Recovery Mode
Whatever the reason may be, force restarting refreshes its system and memory of your iPhone, and depending on the cause of the trouble, the phone’s performance improves significantly.
Method of Force Restart
All the pre-iPhone 8 models could be force restarted by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Sleep/Wake buttons together. However the process is different in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.
Here’s how you can force restart an iPhone X:
    Press the Volume Up button
    Press and release the Volume UP button once. This is the first step that must be performed quickly, i.e. you must press the Volume Up button once and release without holding it down.

    Press the Volume Down button
    Press and release the Volume Down button once. This step must be performed after the first step. Make sure not to press either of the buttons for too long, and neither should you press both the buttons together.
    Long-press the Sleep/Wake button

Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds. This powers off your iPhone forcefully, and restarts it afresh.