How to get and use a lure in Pokemon Go

Lures are very similar to an incense, but instead of them drawing the pokemon to you directly, they will bring in pokemon to a specific pokestop, and anyone in the area can catch the pokemon as well. This can be useful for throwing lure parties where everyone contributes at least one lure and you keep a grouping of stops active with the lures, so you can all hang out there and catch the pokemon that are appearing. This is why you will sometimes see large groups of people all hanging around in one spot playing Pokemon Go. So how do you get these items, and how do you actually deploy them on a pokestop?

Step 1)Get them through leveling up.
Every couple of levels you go up you can gain a one or more lures as a reward for reaching that milestone. The specific levels these are awarded is at level 8, 10, 15, 2 of them at 20, 25, 3 of them at 30, 35, and a whopping four of them when you hit max level at 40.


Step 2)Purchase them through the in app store.
If you want an incense, but you aren't close to any of the levels where you will earn one when you do level up you can also purchase these using pokecoins in the in app store. Not sure where to find pokecoins? Check out my guide on how to get them for free, located here!


Step 3)How to use them.
In order to use a lure, you first have to be near enough to an unlured pokestop that you can collect rewards from it. Once that is the case, when you tap on the stop to collect your rewards you'll notice a little empty square just over the circle that you can spin. This is where the lure module gets installed. Tap on that and it will confirm if you want to do it or not, and once you confirm that it will install the lure for the next half hour for you and anyone else nearby who is playing.


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