How to Get Extra Energy in Criminal Case (iOS)


Criminal Case is a hidden picture game where you are a detective working on cases. In these cases, you have to find items in the picture, discovering evidence and ultimately solving the case. It takes energy each time you visit a crime scene, and you have a limited amount of energy, rechargeable over time. However, you can get extra energy to keep playing, and the following tips will help you acquire that extra energy without waiting for refills.

1. Starting the game- Tap the Criminal Case icon to open the game.

2. Facebook- If you’ve already played Criminal Case on Facebook, you have your friends hopefully assisting you. If you haven’t done so already, connect to Facebook while in the app.

3. Leveling- This is the most obvious way to get extra energy. If you’re close to leveling up, play a round if you’ve got the energy, making sure it will give you enough experience points to get to the next level, which will automatically refill your energy.

4. Gifting- Not enough can be said about the power of gifts. Send energy gifts to your friends on a daily basis. This will increase the chances of you receiving energy gifts.

5. Making Use of Gifts- Go to your inventory, find energy gifts, and use them. Using these gifts will get your energy up so you can keep on searching through crime scenes. Also, you can check Facebook for shared posts to get energy, or the app page for specials.