How to Get Free Network TV on your Streaming Device?

Live Streaming in recent times has attracted worldwide attention with YouTube, SlingTV, DirectTV Now, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, PlayStation Vue, all trying to capture a larger audience.

Why is there a Need to Stream?
It has been observed that conventional television, cable or broadcast no longer hosts interesting programs, but these can certainly be viewed on demand through the internet. Channels and serials were and are still bound by cable subscriptions but now these can be accessed for a meager sum that can be paid monthly. The best feature is, no rentals for equipment, no contract and no customer service issues. The most important thing required is an effective broadband connection that copes easily with streaming lifestyle.

Comedies, dramas and other special programs are just a small part of what is available on streaming services. In fact, most services have unlimited movies, documentaries, television and comedy series and full season new and classic TV series -all available for viewers to watch one episode or more at their convenience.

Internet Connection & Streaming Devices
To get a free network on your streaming device, the first thing you require is a high-speed wireless internet with a speed of 5 Mbps for best results. You also need a TV set and an HDMI port. Smart TVs, most Blu ray players and video games already have built-in streaming, or these devices already function as streaming devices. But an HDMI port has to be bought separately as it does not come with a device.

In case you do not have a streaming device, you can buy a Blu-ray player. Other good streaming devices that can be bought are Roku that was originally introduced to stream Netflix. It can relay around 2000 channels. Amazon’s Fire Stix is good for streaming when you are travelling. Apple users can use Apple TV that works with iTunes and uses Siri as its remote control. But Apple TV is not compatible with Amazon. The cheapest option therefore, is Google’s Chromecast that works in a different way through Google Chrome.

Video Streaming Services
Once you have all your hardware together, you need to consider a streaming service that will be a right balance of cost and variety. The Streaming services you can subscribe for are:

  • ■Netflix
    ■Amazon Prime Video
    ■Sling TV
    ■PlayStation Vue
    ■DirectTV Now
    ■YouTube TV

Getting free network TV on your streaming device is a kind of a lifestyle change that requires a little adjustment. It might seem a little awkward in the beginning, but one gets accustomed to this new entertainment choice. You can avoid being harassed by cable operators and satellite companies. Just by following the methods on how to set-up your streaming device, you can keep on enjoying the programs of your choice at a time convenient for you.