How to Get ISO-8 in Marvel Puzzle Quest

There are two kinds of currency in Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero Points and ISO-8. ISO-8 is used for training your heroes and their powers, while hero points are used for buying new rare heroes. Here’s how to get ISO-8 in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

1. Playing Versus Mode: If you play any versus mode and win within three turns, you will get ISO-8 as bonus.

2. Completing Missions: If you complete a mission for the first time, you will be rewarded with ISO-8.

3. Wining a Fight in Versus Events: if you win, you will either earn 70 ISO-8 or 180 ISO-8.

4. Progression Reward: You will get ISO-8 as a reward for completing various events.

5. Finish With Minimum Ranking on Events: If you can finish an event with minimum ranking, you will get ISO-8 as a reward.

6. Selling Covers: You can earn ISO-8 by selling covers. If you have trained your characters before you sell, you will be more profitable.

7. Facebook Friends: Your Facebook friends can give you ISO-8

8. Daily Rewards: You may also get ISO-8 in daily rewards.