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  1. Avalon11

    Question Low light, high video ISO phones with night vision capability?

    Can somebody recommend which phones are best for not just low light photography but also to display bright view in viewfinder mode and allow to shoot videos at high ISO? New smartphones became so advanced that they can compete in good lighting conditions even with more serious camera’s but truth...
  2. EPiC-PoTaTo-chiP

    Convert ISO to MKV

    Hi! I've downloaded the first 3 episodes of Planet Earth 2 in 4k. The files are .rar files at first, so i have to unpack them, but when i do this, it packs all of the files (about 60 files) into 1 large .iso file. After these steps, I can't convert the .iso file to mkv. I'm sure I'm doing...
  3. T

    Hi I need help please to locate an Acer CD/DVD devicedriver : it doesn't have either device

    Hi the disk died in this laptop. I have pulled down win 7 64 bit iso and loaded it to bootable usb stick but after boot it complains about usb video driver missing. I have downloaded every Acer driver I thought might help : it complains driver missing & I pount to a 2nd usb stixch with all the...
  4. M

    A problem with DBAN (won't boot from USB)

    Hello, I've burnt DBAN iso to my USB flash drive, but no matter what I try, when I restart my laptop, it completely ignores it and boots straight to the OS. I've done everything correctly in BIOS, enabled legacy and booting from USB and put it in the first place of priority. I've tried 2...
  5. canexicans

    Toshiba Satellite powers off instantly without warning, I'm paralyzed so that's bad because I cannot push the button myself.

    It usually happens after starting a 2nd or 3rd application. The surest bets to cause it involve videos or Java, maybe Flash but not confined to. It doesn't "Shutdown" or go through any process. It's just instant off which means no log. (I like Who Crashed Me but it can't help me this time) As...
  6. Speculation

    Trouble running ISO in UUI

    Having trouble running an ISO through UUI, im getting "7-Zip Cannot find Archive" Followed by "I couldn't Find a configuration file. Dreamlinux-5,iso is not supported. Please report the exact steps taken to arrive at this message. My Steps: D/Ld the ISO saved to my desktop, from here i dragged...
  7. E

    W300 for Scuba

    When set to 'underwater' mode the ISO is forced to 100, resulting in 1/30 sec shutter speeds with reasonably bright underwater lights. Does anyone have a work around for this?
  8. B

    Satellite L855D-Windows 7 64bit Home Premium free iso file download

    i would like to know where or how to get this for my old computer. i got a virus and it deleted\corrupted my operating system to the point it is stuck in a boot loop. can anyone help me?
  9. Wayfall

    Indoor event photography advice

    Hi I have been asked by a friend who sorts out events for charties if I would like to be part of the photography team for the event as he knows of my hobby of photography. I have a 450D and the event is noon-10pm. My camera will do fine till 7pm but after we move indoors for the dub I'm...
  10. M

    My NEXTBOOK NXW8QC16G IS STUCK IN A preparing automatic repair/diagnosing your pc loop. Help!!

    My NEXTBOOK NXW8QC16G IS STUCK IN A "preparing automatic repair"/"diagnosing your pc" loop. Help!! I have tried a usb to pc/Rufus 2.11 with Win 8.1 iso, it doesn't seem to read it.
  11. Wayfall

    Buying a new DSLR

    Hi I'm currently using a Canon 450D with a Canon 50mm 1.8 STM, 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 kit non-IS and a Sigma 105mm macro lens. I'm looking for a camera that has a sensor than will allow high ISO up to around 3200-6400 so i can get higher shutter speeds when using a tighter aperture such as F8-11. I...
  12. K

    DBAN ISO file cannot be found to burn to DVD-R

    Please help. I want to burn my DBAN iso file to a dvd-r but I cannot find the ISO. I have downloaded DBAN time and again, comp
  13. A

    win 8.1 home for tablet

    Hi, need win 8.1 home iso file for tablet.
  14. U

    LG V10 Camera Manual Mode

    Is there anyway to increase LG V10 iso to 3200 value ?
  15. R

    Cant Start Ultra iso

    Whenever I try to start Ultra iso in Windows 10 everything lags and the operating system stops working plz help
  16. 2

    Installing Kali on VirtualBox

    I am trying to install kali on virtualbox, but whenever I try to select my kali .iso as the virtual optical drive, it says Failed to open the disk image file E:\kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso. Could not get the storage format of the medium 'E:\kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso' (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)...
  17. R

    password for battelfieald 2 reloaded winrar iso file ple sent the <removed>

    i am unsuccesful to find the passsword in battelefeild 2reloaded pleas help for giving password Personal information removed by moderator. - G
  18. I

    Malware is blocking Anti-Virus and is making Temp folder Read-Only?

    I believe malware as an .iso acted like a disc and used "AutoPlay" to run itself. Windows Defender and Malwarebytes scans will not start and my Temp folder is locked to read-only so no programs will install.
  19. J

    A Fresh Start

    I want to be able to run my laptop from a fresh start to see if any of the programs on my computer are giving me issues. Is it possible for me to boot from a USB using a Windows 10 ISO file, run my laptop like it was brand new, shut down, unplug my USB, and turn my laptop back on to the way I...
  20. N

    burn an iso

    how to burn an iso file to a dvd
  21. S

    winrar extraction really slow

    Extracting a 16gb iso from winrar. i5 4690k gtx 1060 ti 600 gb hd 8g gddr3 or 4 i dont remember windows 10 64 bit pls help me
  22. S

    Solved! How to install Win10 UEFI ASUS VivoBook X456UQ with DOS

    Hey I bought ASUS VivoBook X456UQ, with DOS. And I have an external HDD with windows 10 installation (I downloaded the .iso file from microsoft file and extract it there) So I heard about UEFI and that every new PCs are UEFI supported. And my question is: 1. Is my laptop UEFI supported? And 2...
  23. U

    how do i make my sandisk 2.0 16gb a bootable device if the iso burning software wil not pick it up?

    my windows os for my desktop was corrupt so i am trying to burn my windows from my laptop onto the usb but the usb is not picked up in the software im using thus i cannot burn the ios and make it a bootable device need help asap
  24. M

    How do I download an iso file to an sd card on a galaxy s5?

    Download managers and browsers seem to have trouble with the size and file type of iso files. I have tried several browsers and download managers. The closest I came was when the download manager was completing the download, but i believe it could not recognize the iso file type and failed...
  25. T

    ISO Clevo P570WM

    Hey; I'm looking to get a used Clevo P570WM to do some testing. Does anyone have one, or know who I can talk to?
  26. Kyle_77

    Virtural PC 2007 does not like me

    When I go to "CD" at the top Virtual PC 2007 freezes. I need to put ISO's into my VM and I can't.
  27. M

    I can not install Windows 10 to my pc. Please help!

    I installed Windows 10 to my pc about 5-6 months ago and then I decided to install Win 8.1 again. Still I am using it. But now I want to install Win 10 again. Here the problem starts. I am using different iso packs, dvds and usb keys to install Win 10 but every time I see the same problem. I...
  28. W

    Extracting Wii ISO Files For Emulation

    So I have been wanting to run some of my old Wii games in Dolphin for awhile now, but not 100% sure how to do it. Guides online are long and complicated, requiring several programs and a ton of steps. I was wondering if there was an easy way to do this without all the hassle? Are there any...
  29. S

    how to extract files from ISO

    I have an ISO with installation files on it for a certain program. I want to give it to someone who doesn't know how to use a ISO. Can I mount the ISO, copy the files, save them in a folder, and burn to a data CD? If that won't work, what is recommended?
  30. N

    Which camera will take detail images

    Hii.. i want to buy a camera my 1st one. I loved two cameras 1-sony a58 (mirrorless) 2-sony hx400v(P&S) I just wanted which out of this is capable of taking detail, good quality images. Please help.
  31. sciamwow

    Help Finding 35mm 36 Exposure Film?

    I know this isn't technically digital cameras, but it's the closest category. Can any of you guys help me? I learned that the Walgreens where I get my film developed charges the same for 24 and 36 exposure, so I'd be foolish to use 24 exposure film. Can someone link me to some ISO 200...
  32. N

    dvd to iso converter

    looking for a software to convert my dvd's and blu-rays to .iso so i can play them on my media device. Any one no of a software. I used anyDVD with clonedvd but it no longer works.
  33. sciamwow

    Would Expired Film Still Work?

    First off, I know I put this under "Digital Cameras," but this was the best fit. I recently got some 35mm film ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 400. It all expired around 1999 (give or take a year or two), and I was wondering if it would still work fine if I exposed it a bit longer? Say, if it's...
  34. F

    how to avoid skippy video.

    hello... I am experiencing a problem with my video... it looks skippy. I always record in 60 or 30 fps. Im sure that this is not jello effect. now Im in the situation that i need to record in 24fps. my settings is ISO: 100 ss: 1/60 F-stop: 2.8 thanks in advance...
  35. F

    Help me with ISO recovery fail!

    I just used Easeus data recovery program to recover (attempt) some ISO files (DVDs) from a 3tb internal drive. The drive was accidentally reformatted but all the files are still there. I imagine the information on where each .iso file begins and ends is now missing so when the easeus program...
  36. okrobie

    Samsung NP-QX411 - All I can get is a blue screen (not BSOD)

    Hi, I had majr issues with this Samsung so I decided to do a clean install. I formatted the drive, installed an image of a GPT for UEFI partition structure. I then prepared a USB stick with a ISO of Win 10. I tried to install the ISO several times but it locked up several times during the...
  37. okrobie

    Samsung NP-QX411 - All I can get is a blue screen (not BSOD)

    Hi, I had majr issues with this Samsung so I decided to do a clean install. I formatted the drive, installed an image of a GPT for UEFI partition structure. I then prepared a USB stick with a ISO of Win 10. I tried to install the ISO several times but it locked up several times during the...
  38. giantbucket

    can i mount an ISO in Win7 to do an install of another OS onto another partition (same hard drive)?

    yeah, ok, complicated question maybe. laptop has an SSD, on which i've made my current Win7 partiton, and set aside other partitions for WinXP and Linux. but i don't have my USB-DVD drive handy today. but i DO have the Linux Mint ISO image downloaded. can i use some sort of program to...
  39. D

    windows 10 ISO file

    I'm not able to run Windows 10 ISO install on the macbook pro 13" retina display,I get a message that reads "NEED 64-BIT WINDOWS 8 OR LATER ISO FILE"....just to be clear I downloaded the ISO file from the Microsoft site
  40. M

    window 10 not downloaded

    hi i want to say that i spent my all day downloading window 10 from media creation tool but when it reached to 100 it closed and no iso file came where i downloaded it so any body have any solution for this problem please help
  41. Raceme007

    Daemon Tools Pro - Mount To Existing Drive?

    Everytime I mount an image via Daemon Tools (Pro 6), it creates a new virtual drive to mount it. I need to use 2 drives, and 2 only (IDE & other type) . Any way to fix it? . Thanks!
  42. R

    Windows 7 install iso

    Hey, Im trying to create installation media for a skylake z170 mobo (As-rock pro 4) but my issue is i cant create a bootable iso i have tried the official site at the moment it is saying error but a couple of months back i tried and it...
  43. T

    I don't have any Idea about Aperture and Focal Length of any Camera

    I just want to know what they are and what the roll it plays? 1- Focal Length 2- Aperture 3- Fastest Shutter Speed 4- Sensor Size 5- Sensor Type 6- Minimum ISO 7- Maximum ISO 8- Focus Point 9- Maximum Continuous Shooting Speed Please let me know what they are how can I purchase better camera...
  44. S

    program wants to read data from optical drive

    I have a legacy digital library that is programmed to read the data from a CD inserted in the optical drive. Needless to say, this is a really slow way to search and display data. It's no way to work. How can I fix this problem? I tried converting it into an ISO and mounting it, but I always...
  45. drjackool

    Who build it?

    Hi For installing Windows (Specialy 10) there are ISO (source discs) files that called All In One (AIO) and include all editions of Windows (Home/Pro/Enterprise/...32&64) but in Microsoft web site in my search, for each platform and edition there are individual ISO file (or media creation tool)...
  46. S

    Windows ISO Question

    Hopefully this goes here, wasn't sure which subtopic to put this under... Anyways I had a question about using a bootable flash drive for Windows. Does Microsoft update their ISO files? So for example, if I download the Windows 10 ISO and make a bootable flash drive will that ISO download...
  47. My Life Is Tech

    Please Help: Microsoft Office 95 Professional 7.0b Update

    Does anyone here know where I can find the 7.0b update/ISO for Office 95 Professional? And if you have the update/ISO yourself, would it be possible to upload it temporarily so I can download it? Any help will be appreciated, please reply soon, thank you.
  48. A

    Is there a difference between ISO file and bootable ISO file

    I'm thinking of installing fedora 14 in an old computer and friend gave me some fedora files. From the look of it seems like files were extracted from a dvd so i made iso file using software called Magic ISO. 1.Before writing ISO to a dvd 2. i notice that there is a option called load...
  49. R

    Adding tweaks and software components to an ISO file

    I have an ISO file called: LBUNTU.ISO which is an iso made for an installer for the linux OS. It's already bootable and ready to be installed on a hard drive. Before i install the OS, i would like to integrate or slipstream some software into the ISO. Then install it so the software appears to...
  50. M

    How to install iso via bootable usb?

    I can't for the life of me find any information on install a software iso from a bootable usb. All information I've found is to use the usb to install OS... But I want to install a software iso without having to download virtual drive software like daemon. Any help please?
  51. D

    Putting OS on HDD

    Hey guys so I have a second hard-drive hooked up to my computer at the moment and I have a iso file of linux mint that I want to put on there so that I can boot from that hdd on another computer. So do I just put the iso file on it or the contents of the iso?
  52. R

    How to Convert USB Bootable to an ISO image

    My laptop(Asus eeebook x205ta) comes with a program called "Back Tracker Recovery Management", which allows you to make a bootable recovery USB stick, from which you can boot to recover the computer to its original state. Now i have made a Bootable USB with this backup. Now i wanted to convert...
  53. J

    Highest Quality Video Playback

    Hey folks. I've been downloading videos for years, and until recently, .avi format was all I really cared for due to storage concerns and availability. Lately, I have a computer capable of playing back full 4k video at 60fps and I've been dabbling in bluray downloads, usually .iso files that I...
  54. JoeMama808

    Convert old game to IOS app?

    I have this game, Lego Racers, that I'd like to put on my phone. What kind of programming/tools would be required to convert this 64mb of game into an iOS app?
  55. A

    ePSXE crashing when Selecting iso.

    Hey, so when I select an iso it turns to a landscape and then it crashes. I have already installed the bios and it work just fine. I downloaded the iso for silent hill 2 for PS2 and I have an LG G3 D850 with android 5.0.1. if you want anymore details leave a comment. Thanks
  56. S

    Chrome OS Live DVD/ISO

    Where do I download the Chrome OS ISO Live DVD? Mentioned
  57. G

    Sony pxw-z100 noise

    How can I reduce noise in my footage? I am using the Sony PXW-Z100. I have the GAIN set to 0. I believe this is Sony's ISO setting. What other settings would help me to reduce the noise I am getting in my footage? Thanks Greg
  58. tomsguideUS

    How to Get ISO-8 in Marvel Puzzle Quest

    There are two kinds of currency in Marvel Puzzle Quest: Hero Points and ISO-8. ISO-8 is used for training your heroes and their powers, while hero points are used for buying new rare heroes. Here’s how to get ISO-8 in Marvel Puzzle Quest. 1. Playing Versus Mode: If you play any versus mode and...
  59. D

    Recovery of Images

    Hey guys. I need to recover some images from a corrupt iso file. I tried using ISObuster but I have to buy it to recover the files. Are there any alternatives?
  60. R

    How to Collect ISO-8 in Spider-Man Unlimited

    Spider-Man Unlimited is a running game by Gameloft. As with all running games, your character (Spider-Man, in this case) must travel past a variety of obstacles. You swing on web, defeat enemies, and defeat Spider-Man's foes. As you would expect, there is in-game currency (vials) that you can...