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  1. B

    Ubuntu forum :how to install an iso image of a software

    Hello, I have an iso image of matlab software. and I want to install it in my ubuntu 9.10 OS. How can I do this?
  2. C

    Can you have burn the iso files in one cd ???

    Hello, can you burn more than one iso image to one disc
  3. G

    Which application is requred to run iso file

    is there any application software to run or create iso file in windows
  4. C

    Running a ISO File

    Hello, I purchased a copy of Power ISO thinking it would solve all my problems with ISO file. I read the help section and I am not sure of what to do. If I have a ISO file of a movie do I have to extract it and then burn it to a DVD? I tried that and the DVD did not work. I need to...
  5. A

    Hiren boot cd

    how to add iso/image files to the hiren boot disk?
  6. jonnyboyC

    I need an application to split and iso disk image into mutliple parts

    well today i bought a usb 16gb flash drive to some iso files from one computer to another only to realize that it was pre formated in fat 32 which i found out earlier from another thread that it won't copy files that are over 4gb. So for most of the movies i was able to 7zip it before to under...
  7. auriuman78m

    Solved! Installing Linux to netbook from USB (NOT LIVE BOOT)

    I just bought a netbook and I want to install Zenwalk Linux but the website offers no installer for a usb disk install, just .iso images. Is there a way to convert a .iso image to a usb flash disk image and preserve the boot sector? I have no problem extracting the iso to the flash drive, it's...
  8. yoaverez

    Boot into an ISO Manager!

    I’m looking for an application that I thought would be pretty easy to find but apparently nobody has thought of this idea. I’m a computer technician, and as one, I carry around discs. Applications, operating systems and rescue discs, as well as drivers and backups. Last month I bought brand...
  9. W

    ISO Image question

    I have a few OSs that I downloaded from an academic site allied with my college. I want to get these on CDs/DVDs and be able to boot from them. They are ISO images right now. What program and/or what do I ahve to do to ig uess open these ISOs, burn them to discs, and be able to boot from them?
  10. systemlord

    Need some pointers on user settings to get the best image quality?

    I have a FujiFilm F100FD and went to the LA County Fair on Saturday and some of my pictures were overexposed, while some were great looking except in the shadows under trees. I used manual ISO setting 100-200 @640x480 thinking 100 ISO was best for brightly lit sunny area's, but some pictures...
  11. G

    ISO/IEC Confirm Microsoft's OOXML As Standard

    Chicago (IL) - Speculations about a possible standard approval started spreading on Monday and Microsoft announced the ratification of OOXML yesterday. ISO/IEC Confirm Microsoft's OOXML As Standard : Read more
  12. G

    Open Office XML Expected To Be Announced ISO Standard This Week

    Chicago (IL) - Rumors about a possibly "shocking" announcement by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) scheduled for this week began spreading across the Internet on Monday: Open Office XML format could finally reach the end of its standards odyssey and become a global...
  13. G

    U.S. To Approve OOXML For ISO Standard

    Doug Mahugh, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft specializing in Office client interoperability and the Open XML file format, posted a blog entry on Friday which summarized recent developments for the standardization of Office Open XML (OOXML). U.S. To Approve OOXML For ISO Standard : Read more
  14. H

    Newbie ?'s for Burning ISO's on Nero!!

    I have some movies that I'd downloaded in the *.iso format. I mounted the iso file into daemon tools first, then tried to burn the file using Nero Vision. It took me about 1 hr last night to do, and when it finished it didn't burn it correctly!!! It basically just copy the files over to the dvd...
  15. N

    Powershot A540 vs. Powershot A620

    I need some serious help on deciding what one to get. The 540 feels cheap and has a grainier, lower-quality screen than the 620, but the 620 has lower ISO and supposedly less features. Can you please help me?
  16. D

    Alcohol 120% help

    Recently got this burning program, but how do i create .iso images? it says it can create images from already existing CD and DVD's but i want to burn files from my hard drive to a disc.
  17. I

    How to turn *.iso file into usable application?

    Ive got an image file, *.iso extension. Its a software application. How do I turn this into an executable program that I can run? Thanks.
  18. G

    First attempt at stitching

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Canon 20D, EF-S 18-55, ISO 1600, f/3.5 1/500 (I didn't intend to use ISO 1600, oh well.) Starting to get a feel for the limitations of my lenses. Even so, far better...
  19. G

    Sleeper Iso FTP isnt starting??

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have sleeper installed on my Directivo Series 2. I realized the other day that the FTP isnt running on my box anymore?? Has anyone else experieinced this?? is there any simple fix, other than resinstalling? It appears thats its not even...
  20. G

    First pics with new EF 100-400 IS USMl lens

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Took these over the weekend. First time I've had a lens this long. I really love the range. I only wish I had remembered to reset the ISO. Rookie mistake I guess. A couple of other shots...
  21. G

    determining native ISO of sensor

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there a way to determine the native ISO of the sensor in my Canon 20D? From what I've heard, it isn't necessarily the lowest ISO setting. Someone said the sensor in the 10D was best at 200 and that 100 was actually a slight interpolation.
  22. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) Someone on one of the pro photo groups suggested I check out NeatImage after he found the background in this ISO 1600 pic to be a bit noisy ( I didn't have a prob with it): So anyways, I had tried it...
  23. I

    ISO file decompression?

    Hello...what is an ISO file and what utility would I use to decompress it? Why is an ISO file compression used instead of say a ZIP file? Are there any advantages to ISO file compression? Thank you.
  24. K

    Making ISO files...

    I want to know how to create an iso file and if I can make this with Nero. Thanks