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  1. G

    Torntv downloader has taken over my iso files!! help

    Hello, I wanted to install a program and torntv downloader showed up with its agreements so i refused but however it changed my browesers homepage and my iso files- it set itself as an iso reader or something- how do i ger rid of it? i uninstalled it but it's still here as an iso reader. ( it...
  2. ariel_bals

    How to read .iso/.cso on PSP Vita?

    When I saw the advertisement of PSP Vita, I was amazed and hunger for it's game specification, so I gave my PSP Go to my Brother and I purchased a newly PSP Vita, I thought it can be read and ready to play .iso and .cso game files but unfortunately it can't read any of it, please need help..Is...
  3. V

    ei.cfg ISO version unlocker for windows 7 not working

    Hi, I'm trying to install windows 7 from an ISO via USB. I have got the ei.cfg program to remove the version lock but when I boot up the USB the installation options are not there and the disc installs as if it was the original version the ISO was made from. This has happened twice now and is a...
  4. U

    Archive issue or Hdd problem ?

    Hello the problem is i have this 21part RAR archive. it extracts into a 46gb ISO file. problem is when i install from that ISO i get an error each time. archive tested out ok no error found. Whats interesting is each time i extract the ISO its a new error while installing, like if it was cp1p3...
  5. S

    How to transfer files to SD card faster?

    Hey, I have copied my Blu-rays to hard drive as .iso files. My Xperia Z2 plays these blu-ray iso files fine but I have problem with transfer. My 64gb sd card benchmarked ~52MB/s read and ~50MB/s write but .iso files transfer to SD card only ~15 MB/s. My phone doesn't support USB 3.0 so my...
  6. K

    Rufus stuck at NTFS fixup 55%

    I'm burning Win8 ISO to USB flash drive via Rufus but it got stuck at 'CHDSK is verifying indexes(stage 2 of 3)' for an hour so far.Nothing new in the logs has shown up since it got stuck.Is this normal?
  7. E

    iso convertor program

    have have a video file that is in iso format, and now i want to convert it to a video file. i use to use makemkv. but for some reason it dosent work any more or its not supported anymore. is there any free alternatives out there. i dont want to compress the file in any way i want to keep the...
  8. goku1234567890

    Best compression program!!!

    Can anybody suggest me the best compression program there is. I have a lot of files and personal data which i converted into a .iso file and deleted the original data. Now my space is filling up so i need to compress that .iso file. I heard about KGB achiever but it does not compress files...
  9. G

    dvd drive reads iso very slow & stucks

    Hello i have sony vaio pcg-71312M.the last two months my dvd drive has difficulty to read/write any cd and especially iso (live cd) .i observe that starts and stops ,starts and stop for a long time..sometime success ,sometime fail..i have tried a lot of cd burn programms .but nothing change.I...
  10. 1

    Help streaming .ISO movies from server to devices

    I would like to build a server then use that server to stream movies (DVDs and Blu-rays) I have stored in .ISO format. I do not want to have to encode to .MP4 or .mkv because I don't want to lose any of the original quality of the movies and because the encoding process would take forever. Any...
  11. DukiNuki

    Daemon Tools or Winrar ?

    hey guys simple stupid question WINRAR can open & extract iso files , so why do i need Daemon TOOLS for ? i know what daemon tools do . but i dont see the point of using it while WINRAR can extract iso files . SO SORRY I RUSHED & DIDNT noticed that i wrote this post on graphics & display
  12. yasserBasha

    how to convert an iso image to a ghost image ?

    Hi guys .. YES i KNOW , .gho was for older versions of symantic :D and newer version use .v2i The thing is I have an iso image of fedora and some machines simply doesn't boot from usb drive or takes a LONG time with DVD installation , I wanna use hirens but it has only ghost program which only...

    how can i upgrade Ipad 2 to IOS 7.0.4

    i have this 2nd generation ipad and am trying to upgrade it IOS 7.0.4, because am not getting any updates
  14. S

    Asus A54C drivers disc .iso

    I need the A54c drivers disc as an .iso file so i can download it on my new harddrive
  15. E

    Cannot burn ISO to DVD on Windows 8

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section for this but... I'm using an ASUS N56V laptop running Windows 8.1, and the DVD drive is identified in Device Manager as Slimtype DVD A DS8A9SH. It is up to date on its firmware. I have run the CCleaner and I have an up-to-date registry. I...
  16. A

    My ACER laptop will not boot from DVD bootable ISO

    Have changed boot order to DVD first option and DVD in drive is ISO bootable disk, yet ACER laptop still goes straight to Windows 8. Any ideas how tio get round?
  17. HAMMAD1900

    QUICK.. help about iso file and virus! help!

    Hello! (I have win 8) I will be doing. A clean install of windows ... In a matter of minutes I really want to save two Iso files(mw3) ... But as my PC is filled with viruses(reason of clean install) I want to know if a transfer it to my nexus 7 tab first will the virus come with...
  18. viveknayyar007

    I Have a Cue File. How Can I Convert It Into ISO Using UltraISO?

    UltraISO is one of the frequently used virtual disc manager. Ultra ISO creates disc’s virtual image that can be used on any virtual disk drive just like a normal physical disc. The images that the UltraISO makes is by default in ISO format. These images are very easy to implement and are very...
  19. viveknayyar007

    How Can I Add Additional Files in ISO Image without Destroying Its Current MBR

    The use of DVD and CD is depleting day by day, as they possess vulnerabilities like getting scratched, damaged or even getting broken into. As a safe practice, backing them up in the form of images on the hard drives or on pen drives (USB drives) is quite popular these days. When it comes to...
  20. A

    How to create iso image from files

    I want to put some files and folders in a iso image, without using any CD, how can i do this?
  21. E

    How to boot ISO files from USB

    Hi, ive seen many tuts that show how to make the USB bootable and copying files over to the root directory. I want to be able to boot from my USB with ISO files on it. I dont know if they make a program that will boot and can read the .iso file, but all ive seen are ones that make it bootable...
  22. viveknayyar007

    Even the ISO Files Are Associated with WinRAR

    This issue has been experienced by almost every user who uses any ISO Creator application along with WinRAR. The reason behind such issue is that as soon as WinRAR is installed on the computer, it automatically associates all the supported file formats with it. However, WinRAR treats the ISO...
  23. gigoe

    Visual C++ redistribution List Location

    i have VB.NET 2010 set up disk & i need to install VC 2010 redistribution list 2010 but i don't know where it is found so please tell me where iot is located in ISO File
  24. B

    camera focus, photo crop, ISO

    how to crop the image in dslr camera
  25. D

    Eos 1Ds mkiii

    my camera will only dial down the ISO to 200 now, Ive tried everything even resetting everything, no joy....grrrr...any suggestions?
  26. vdtiwari

    Iso image showing less space

    I have some data of 6.6GB;when converted into an ISO image was into 4.7GB. No problem with this but when I opened that ISO file checked the whole space it was 6.6GB but that ISO is sgowing 4.7GB. Can anyone explain this,also can I burn it to a DVD?
  27. phaide

    Using 7zip to extract ISO

    I have been having trouble with Daemon Tools and Magic Iso. When I mount an image to install something, it freezes part way thru the install. So I thought I would just extract it with 7zip and then run setup.exe. This always works for me, but this time it is different. I have a game that is...
  28. E

    Looking for Laptop recommendation

    I want something fast - I do a lot of web publishing. I also like to have a number of screens open at once. I'd like something that didn't crash when I play videos so don't recommend a Dell! I like wide screens and would like it to be fairly light. I want to pay between $600-$800.
  29. A

    Factory reset with iso immage problem

    Hi guys, I have a big, big problem and I hope someone can put me in the right direction. Last year I purchased a Packard Bell Dots3 netbook that came with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Windows 7 Starter. I already had a copy of Win XP and I choose to format the entire HDD and install XP, and...
  30. John_VanKirk

    Program to work with ISO files

    Anyone know if there is a shareware/freeware program available that can perform basic functions working with ISO files, CD/DVD drives, & Flash Drives which would include all these functions: Burn ISO to a CD/DVD. Extract Folders/Files from an ISO image. Create a Virtual Disk from an ISO image...
  31. J

    Best webcam out there under $100 with HD quality and good ISO ?

    What is the best webcam out there under $100 with HD quality and good ISO ?
  32. M

    Using NERO 12 to create a bootable XP Pro ISO disc for a DVD disc

    Have the 134 page manual and there is documentation on making a disc bootable but do not see how one gets an XP Pro iso image made and place it on a bootable DVD. Working with a Windows 8 64bit notebook with a DVD drive Guidance sought
  33. F

    How do you convert a Blu ray .ISO to a Video file?

    I have a Blu ray .ISO file which is like nearly 50GB. Does anyone know how to convert this to a video format it is easy with DVDs but I can't put my finger on it with a Blu ray file. I have extracted it but it has files like: .m2ts Can this be converted into ONE .avi/.mp4 file? HELP PLEASE and...
  34. J

    3d blu-ray iso laptop minimum specs

    Hi, I need a recommendation for a laptop that could easily play Blu-ray 3D iso movies with a hdmi cable on a 3DTV (3D Active). It would be good enough ACER V3-571G (i5-3210 /nVidia GeForce GT 630M 2GB/ 8GB / 500GB / W8) 629 euro or something else maybe? Thanks in advance.
  35. K

    I need Media Player that supports 3D BD ISO playback

    Hey guys. Well my thread title says it all, i need to find a good Media Player that supports 3D BD ISO playback, obviously all other standard formats as well, but the 3D is the main thing, i have found the Xtreamers, but at the moment i am not a 100% sold on them and would like to be able to see...
  36. W

    ISO Software Update for iPod TouchDevice

    I need to update iOS 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 on my iPod Touch in order to downlaod a application. please help!
  37. R

    STUMPED: Magic ISO/Power ISO

    I have been trying to use both pieces of software above (Power ISO/Magic ISO). When the software's instructs you to save as ISO, it saves it with an icon like so (see image link below): (However, it does save it with the extension ISO (But, a nonworking ISO)...
  38. DarkSable

    Where to find Office 2003 .iso?

    Heya Tom's! So... I have two copies of Office 2003 - one is professional, and one is... not sure, actually. It's a burned CD because the original got too scratched, but I failed to write what version it is. That being said, my new computer doesn't have a disk drive, and I can't wait to order...
  39. M

    ISO disk query

    Have a windows 7 64bit machine compromised by trojans. There is a windows power toy at: Using a Vista 32bit to create the ISO. My guess would be that the 64bit ISO should be burned. Would it make a difference? Guidance sought.
  40. G

    Best freeware to copy DVD to hard drive as ISO image

    I want to make backups of some invaluable copy-protected DVDs directly to my hard drive as ISO files. I'd be very grateful to anyone who could recommend any freeware that could make these copies for me. I thank forum members in advance for their help. I very much appreciate it.
  41. M

    ISO Software

    Trying to make a Kaspersky Rescue Disk. The machine before me has the application "Ultimate ISO Maker". The rescue disc files exist on a USB drive. The goal would be to extract the files to a blank CD in CD writer drive in this machine. Have not found a way to to so. Seeking guidance in the...
  42. MajinCry

    [Request] NISIS K7 Keyboard driver

    Found an old K7 NISIS keyboard lying about, and fell in love with it. Bad news is that I lost the driver disc, probably threw it away when I lost the keyboard (Don't ask. Please.). Anyone happen to have the disc and be willing to rip the iso from it so I can use the best keyboard ever made...
  43. T

    Iso image to usb flash drive

    Hello, hi
  44. N

    ISO Files

    What are ISO files?Why we make ISO files?How to make ISO files?
  45. E

    Solved! ISO image to USB flash

  46. H

    Iso image to usb

  47. jale1966

    ISO Burner

    Hello I am looking for a free good ISO Burner where I can take a downloaded file and make it into a ISO file. Basically want to make any EXE file into a ISO file. Anyone have any good suggestions please let me know Thanks Dale
  48. V

    Make a Bootable Drive with 5 ISO options

    I am having a issue I have 5 ISO files with Ghost images on them. I want to add them to a USB HDD 80gb each to their own partition and add them all to a boot option menu so I can select the one I want to load. I have played with EasyBCD, xboot and other apps but they wont boot to the iso or when...
  49. J

    Solved! ISO image to USB flash

    please i went to running windows xp on my laptop what can i do?
  50. A

    Online Drive to Mount an ISO?

    I wanted to know about a solution that will allow me to mount an ISO file online, like a cloud Hard Drive that allows for mounting ISO file. I wanted to be able to install virtually an ISO file instead of storing it on my computer thanks for any insight or suggestions. I currently use...
  51. Caldrumr

    Asus O!Play Alternative

    I am looking for a good digital media player that plays ISO and BD ISO files. I want to be able to back up all my movies to a drive so I don't have to mess with discs all the time. I found the Asus O!Play series, but I seem to be having issues actually finding one to buy. The Gallery version...
  52. K

    Toshiba satellite a215 recovery disks/DVD's

    Anyone have .iso's
  53. T

    Iso to application file

    Hello, i want know about iso file to application how to convert
  54. rollaballinc

    ISO to MKV

    i was wondering if there was an easy way to convert iso's or images of discs that i have made to 1 hd 1080p mkv file.
  55. R

    Software to install iso files on a removable disk

    Hello, software to install iso files on a removable disk
  56. rollaballinc

    ISO to MKV conversion

    ok heres what i have ... 2 vts files and i want to convert them to 1 mkv file or wmv .. Is there a converter program out there that will merge these two vts files and make them 1 mkv ?
  57. D

    Iso to application file

    how to convert a iso file into application file
  58. R

    Software to edit ISO files like a zip file

    I have a bunch of old ISO's that I just need to replace a few files inside. I know I could go through the long process of extracting the ISO, replacing the files, then rebuilding the ISO. But is there any program out there that simply lets you open an ISO and add/remove/replace files inside of...
  59. RailGun88

    Dirt 2

    I just used a program from an ASUS Blu-Ray Drive I got called CyberLink PowerGo V6. I saw I could make copies of CD/DVDS, and figured I could make .iso files and use Daemon Tools to play them, instead of needing to worry about the disks. However, after copying Dirt 2 I have six Image.C00 to...
  60. N

    How to mount iso files that is inside an rar file?

    source/program/game: theirs 82 rar files (pc video game) which equal to 16gb. programs i have: winrar v3.93 and virtual clone v5.4.4.0 and imgburn v2.5.2.0 problem: since their is 82 files i right click on the first file and click on "extract files here" which winrar does without no problem...