How to get the "Another Way In" Achievement in Jetpack Joyride

‘Jetpack Joyride’ is a side scrolling endless runner packed with achievements. The "Another Way in" achievement has been elusive to many players, though. If you want to earn it, follow these steps:

Before doing anything, you have to earn enough coins to buy some required gadgets from the stash. You have to buy the 'Free Ride' gadget from the Stash.

1. Open the game by tapping on the ‘Jetpack Joyride’ icon on your device.
2. Tap on the little arrow head on the upper corner of the screen. then tap on 'The Stash'

3. In the stash, tap on ‘Gadgets’. There you’ll see some accessioriess you can buy with coins that you have earned. Buy the ‘Free Ride’ gadget from the gadgets menu.

4. You have to buy a total of 20 gadgets In order to buy the ‘Free Ride’ gadget. Without buying 20 gadgets, the ‘Free Ride’ gadget will be locked.

5. Start to play the game.
6. Start and restart the game over and over again until you get the ‘Teleporter’ ride. Once you get the ‘Teleporter’, you will get the ‘Another Way In’ achievement.