How to Get the Best Experience on Roku Affordably

Roku streaming devices are great options to enrich your viewing. Roku makes a lot of content available with its cheap hardware, and this makes it a great option for upgrading your TVs. Other than providing HD video content, Roku has a simple interface that is very easy to use, and the setup process is user-friendly.

The onscreen keyboard on your Roku makes it easier to scroll through the available channels. Read on to find out how to maximize your experience with Roku.

1. Your Phone Can Be Your Roku Keyboard
There is nothing more aggravating than using a remote to operate a certain onscreen keyboard. Your Roku might be very slow in searching for actors or movies. The easier way is to use your phone as a Roku Keyboard and make your searching faster. Roku apps on Android and iOS can be used in place of a Roku remote, and they have an easier keyboard that allows more convenient use. Whenever you’re on the onscreen keyboard for your TV, run the app instead. The touch remote, and keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen will be of great help to you.

2. You Can Voice-Search Using Your Phone
An even faster method than the keyboard. Your words. If you have the latest generation Roku, you must have discovered the joy of voice search. You can operate the voice search using the Roku remote. Worried that you own none of the models? Relax. The Roku app has voice-search abilities. You can just say your favorite movie actor instead of tapping repeatedly to search. You might pronounce names wrong, but it’s still easier than tapping.

3. Your Roku Could Be A Universal Remote
Roku remotes are designed with shortcut buttons similar to those of Amazon and Netflix. However, it is impossible to program the Roku remote to control the TV – but you could program your Side click. This is a clever add-on available for various streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. It clips to the side of the Roku remote and gives an array of programmable buttons such as input A/B, channel up/down, volume up/down, and power. It is a nice option for anyone who dislikes juggling various remotes.
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