How to Improve Video Quality with the Super Netflix Extension

I, personally, face a lot of issues with my net speed and buffering when I keep the video settings to the highest quality. Netflix eats up a lot of data when we demand high video quality. Data is not an issue, but quality and speed sometimes become the issue. The forever-spinning red icon in the center of the Netflix screen gives us a migraine in seconds. So how to fix that? How to improve video quality? Your ambrosia is Super Netflix extension. Read this simple guide on how to improve video quality with the Super Netflix extension.

Step 1
Download ‘Super Netflix’
First, go to 'Google Chrome Store' and search for ‘Super Netflix.’ Once you open the file, click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to avail it.

Step 2
Click ‘Add’
After you click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button, you need to add Super Netflix into your chrome. To do that, select ‘Add Extension.’

Step 3
Go to 'Netflix'
After adding the extension, go to 'Netflix' and play a movie or show whichever you wish.

Step 4
Click on ‘Settings’
Once you start playing your movie, you will find three icons on the right side of your Netflix screen. Click the 'settings' icon as highlighted.

Step 5
Select top 3 resolution
When you click on 'settings', you will see a tiny sub-window at the middle of the screen. It has all the resolution you need to highlight. Select the last three resolutions (the highest ones) and click ‘Override.’

Step 6
Check on bitrates
Click on the 'triangular' icon (highlighted) because you need to check and select the text of the Playing bitrate, Buffering bitrate, buffer in seconds and highlight the mentioned three texts and dehighlight it. If you keep it highlighted, it won’t update. Follow the images for more clarity.

Step 7
Override once again
Click the 'settings' icon and override the last three resolutions once again.

Now you won’t find yourself in the middle of the ever-spinning buffer wheel again. Recheck the text to confirm.
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