How to Increase the Divisions in the Volume Function on a MacBook Pro

The volume function in a MacBook Pro is usually controlled by the volume buttons which are on the keyboard. While there is also a slider bar for controlling the volume in the menu which can be used via the trackpad, it is rarely used by MacBook users. The keyboard gives three different options to control volume, the increase and decrease volume buttons and the mute button.

And while the process of increasing or decreasing the volume is quite precise, you can add another level of precision by using a simple trick. The MacBook Pro is filled with such tricks which allow you to better control its various features. So here are steps on how you can add more divisions while increasing or decreasing the volume on a MacBook Pro.

Step 1
Increase or decrease the volume using the keyboard shortcut keys to get an idea of the default level of precision. This is important to identify the end results since the level of precision added may be visible minutely but the effect can definitely be understood.

Step 2
Now hold down the ‘Shift’ and ‘Option’ button while increasing or decreasing volume.

Step 3
You will notice that now you are able to increase or decrease each bar of the volume in two distinct steps. So, basically you have added an extra division to the already existing division of the volume bar.

Use this feature to accurately control the volume on your MacBook Pro and ensure that you get just the right amount of volume you require. This feature is available in the latest Mac OS X versions, so if you are using an older OS then this function may be unavailable.