How to Install a New App Launcher on an Android Device

Android allows for tons of customization. This is why there are app launchers available to help give one’s Android device a new look and better efficiency when launching apps. Once you find an app launcher you want to use, the only thing left to do is install it and work with it. The following steps will show you how to install a new app launcher on your Android device.

1. Google Play Store - Locate and tap the Google Play Store icon on your Android device.

2. Searching - Tap the magnifying glass to bring up your keyboard to search. Type in app launcher and go to view the results.

3. Choices - Tap More to see all of the available choices for app launchers. There’s quite an array of them, so read and
research carefully to find the app launcher best suited to your particular needs or wants and for compatibility with your device.

4. Installing the app launcher - Once you find the app launcher you wish to install, click the icon, then click Install. This may take anywhere from a matter of seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the app and your Wi-Fi connection.

5. Opening the app launcher - Once the app launcher has finished installing, tap Open to open up the app launcher. From there, you just work with it to customize it and adjust to the changes.