How To Install a SSD In Your Laptop

One way to speed up your laptop is to install an SSD, or solid state drive. The SSD can improve the speed in which software loads and make the laptop feel much faster.

Find The Right Drive
SSDs come in two formats: 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch. The 2.5-inch drive is more popular. Make sure you check the specifications of your machine and find the appropriate drive.

Back Up Your Data
Before installing the SSD on your laptop, you should back up all of your data. You can do so by backing up all of your files and then starting over with a new installation. This can be time consuming. Another option is to clone your drive. This will transfer your files from an existing drive to a new one.

Install The SSD
Working on a flat surface, remove the back panel from your laptop. Depending upon the manufacturer of your machine, it may be the entire back or a section. With the panel off, you will see the hard drive. Remove the drive properly and replace it with the new SSD. Slide the SSD into place, replace the panel, and screw it back into place.

Use Your New SSD
If you are re-installing your operating system, you will need to insert your disk and complete the re-installation. If you cloned your drive, use the cloning software to update your drive. Once updated, the process is complete. You should see quicker software loading times with the new SSD.