How To Install The Leap Motion Controller On Your Windows Pc


If you want to start using your Leap motion controller for Os X this tutorial will guide you how to successfully finish the process. All you need to do so you can install the Leap Motion Controller on your Windows PC is to follow this steps:

Step 1. Go to

  • ■ Make the download for Windows
Step 2. Install the software for the leap motion controller

Step 3. Plug in the leap motion controller into your pc

  • ■ Remove the plastic from the top of the screen
    ■ Use the USB cable that is included in the box.
    ■ Place the Leap motion controller so the bright side of the controller should be facing up and the green light should face you.
    ■ If you want to start using the leap motion controller move with your hand
Step 4. Launch Airspace – the Leap Motion app store

  • ■ After you finish filling up every information the process is finished.

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