How to Leave a Group Chat in Skype

If you have been added to a Skype chat to communicate with the entire group of friends, Skype considers the group chat a conference where people can also go for voice calls.

Although Skype groups are a good place when it comes to conversing with your friends/relatives/family members even from geographically dispersed locations, sometimes it might be annoying to remain in the group, especially in the presence of someone you don't want to chat with. You might also feel uncomfortable in an existing Skype group chat if you don’t know anyone except your friend who has added you to the group.

Regardless of the reason of your inconvenience, you can easily leave a Skype chat group with just a few mouse clicks.

Here is how:

    ■Log on to your computer system.
    ■Initialize the Skype application by double-clicking its icon.
    ■Click the appropriate option to log-in either using Microsoft account or by your Skype Name.

    ■Assuming that you are using the Skype Name to log in, provide your credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign in button.

    ■On the Skype interface, from the left pane, click the desired group you want to leave.
    ■Once you select the target group, click the Conversation menu from the menu bar at the top.
    ■From the displayed list, click the Leave Conversation option.

    ■Once done, on the opened pop up box, click Leave to finally quit the group.