How to Make Free Calls with Google Voice

In order to make phone calls with Google Voice, it must be set up on your smart phone. Google Voice is compatible with Android, IPhone or from your computer through the Google Voice website.

Steps for Smartphone Use:
Step 1: Allow Google Voice to make phone calls directly through your phone. You can choose if you want to use Google Voice every time you make a phone call, or you can request that it asks you every time you make a call.

Step 2: Call one of your contacts like you normally would and choose to allow Google Voice to make the call.

Steps for Website Use:

Step 1: Go to the Google Voice Website.

Step 2: Click “Call.”

Step 3: Enter your contacts name that you wish to call.

Step 4: Choose to make the call with Google Talk.

Step 5: Click “connect” to place the call.

Recap: If you wish to use your mobile device to place calls with Google Voice, you can download the app for free from the Play store or App store. Be sure to configure your desired settings for using Google Voice. Also, check you Google Voice balance periodically since not all calls are free. You will however be notified of rates when you dial a number. This might happen with international calling if you travel outside of the United States. Charges are based on your cellphone plan.