How To Make More Room In Your Barn In Hay Day

When playing Hay Day, one of the first problems you face is lack of space in your barn. There are two ways to solve the problem: one is to sell produce and create empty space in your barn, and the other is to build more barn space. Follow these steps to open up some additional room in your barn.

Step 1: Head to the Roadside Shop to let other players know that you have available produce to sell. Click on the Barn icon to open the Barn tab. Select the produce that you want to sell.

Step 2: Collect building materials that you find lying around to build more barn space. You can either collect the items you find while tending your fields or purchase building materials with your collected diamonds. If you harvest more than one type of crop, building materials will appear as a reward.

Step 3: Another option is to find these buildings materials in mystery boxes, or buy them through listings in the newspaper.

Step 4: Once you’ve collected all the materials, you’ll need bolts, planks and duct tape if you want to build another barn to store all your produce. While you are collecting, if you use yourself running out of room once again, you can simply sell some of your harvested produce to create more space in your barn.

Recap: You can either build more barn space or do some trading to create extra room in your barn. Just follow the steps above to open up some additional space.