How To Make Skype Video Calls with Android

If you have an Android smartphone with a front-facing camera, you can make the video calls right from your mobile phone with the latest version of the Skype Android app. Older phones could not make video calls. Also, the Skype apps for other platforms such as Symbian did not support video calls.

Fortunately Android phones are comparatively smarter these days, and the Android apps that are developed nowadays are more sophisticated.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the Skype Android app on your Android smartphone, here is how you can use the app to make video calls:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone if it is powered off.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to display the apps list.

    ■From the available list of apps, locate and tap the Skype app icon.

    ■If you are not already logged in, log in either using your Microsoft account or by Skype Name if you have already created. If the case is otherwise, you must create an account before proceeding any further.

    ■Assuming you are logging in by your Skype Name, provide your required credentials in the appropriate fields, and tap the Sign in button.

    ■Once the Skype interface opens up, tap the username with whom you want to conduct video chat. (E.g. Peter Frank in this demonstration)

    ■Finally, on the target user’s profile, tap the video icon at bottom-left corner of the interface to make a video call.


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