How to migrate your data from Apple to your Galaxy S7


If you’re making the switch from an iPhone to Android, you’re going to want your data to follow with you. Fortunately, there are two simple ways to make sure all your contacts, emails, calendars, music and personal stuff makes the move intact and ready to use. So if you’re looking to migrate your data from Apple to your Galaxy S7, read on.

Migrate your data using Smart Switch
Samsung have made it as simple as possible to move your data from their largest competitor, Apple. They have created a small app that can quickly retrieve data from your iPhone and transfer it in usable form to the S7. Here’s how.

1. Download the Smart Switch app for Windows or Mac.
2. Backup your iPhone using iTunes and disconnect the phone once complete.
3. Launch Smart Switch and connect your Galaxy S7 via USB.
4. Select the name of your iPhone from the list when it appears.
5. Your iPhone should appear in the device window, click Next.
6. Select the content you want to transfer.
7. Select Start transfer and wait for the process to complete.
8. Verify file transfer on the S7.

Migrate contacts using email
If you don’t want to use Smart Switch, you can email yourself contact data. While it won’t work for other data, it’s a useful way to get up and running quickly without using Smart Switch. Here’s how.

1. Navigate to Settings and select iCloud on your iPhone.
2. Select the contacts you want to back up.
3. Log on to iCloud and select the contacts you want to transfer.
4. Select Export vCard to download onto your computer.
5. Log into Gmail on the computer using the same account as your Galaxy S7.
6. Navigate to Contacts and select Import.
7. Select the .vcf file you downloaded from iCloud.
8. Google will automatically sync them to your S7.
9. Verify contacts on your phone once sync is complete.
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