How to Mirror iPhone on Your Roku Device

Streaming content from your iPhone to your TV through a Roku device has many benefits. You can stream a video to a bigger screen, display photos from your holiday or just listen to some music. Read on to find out how.
The following tutorial is for those who own a Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT or Roku HD (Roku 2500).

1. ‘Update the Software’ on Your Roku TV
Make sure you have the newest software available.

• Go to the ‘Settings’ menu on the home screen of your Roku TV.
• Choose ‘System Update’ from the ‘Settings’ menu.

The device will tell you when last checked for new software, and when it last updated. Enter the menu and check the current version.
Clicking the ‘Check now’ button will let you check for any available updates. If you’re up to date, your device will say: ‘Your Roku player software is Up to date’.

2. ‘Install the Roku App’ on Your iPhone
‘Download and Install the Roku App’ on your iPhone. The app is free and you can find it in the App Store. Make sure it is correctly downloaded and fully functional on your iPhone.
The app is compatible with other iOS devices, such as iPad. You can follow the same procedure for these.

3. Set the Roku App to Stream Media
Touch ‘Play on Roku’ from the bottom of the app screen. The Roku App on iOS devices can be used as a remote control to control the Roku device, but choosing the play option turns the iPhone into a wireless streaming unit.
You can choose photos, music or video. The images and videos will bring up your camera roll. Just choose the one you want and enjoy it on a big screen.

You will now be able to mirror your iPhone on your Roku device.