How to move any folder to the SD card on a Galaxy S7


The microSD slot made a welcome return in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge after being sorely missed in the S6. While the S7 does come with plenty of internal storage, most users will quickly be hunting for more space. That’s where external memory comes in. If you want to learn how to move any folder to the SD card on a Galaxy S7, this post is for you!

The standard Galaxy S7 comes with a decent amount of internal storage but the OS and apps can take up almost 8GB on their own. Once you have loaded a few games, videos and albums to the phone, that storage doesn’t look so generous. Start taking a few pictures and free space shrinks rapidly.

There are two main ways to move a folder to the SD card on a Galaxy S7. You can use a file manager on the phone or connect the phone to a PC.

Phone file manager
There are hundreds of good quality Android file managers on the Play Store. They aren’t just useful for managing memory but many aspects of your phone.

If you don’t already have a file manager:
1. Access the Play Store from your Android phone.
2. Install your file manager of choice.
3. Open the file manager and select the file you want to move.
4. Drag the folder to where it says move to and select the SD card as the destination.

Different file managers will have different syntax but many just have a small icon or text that says ‘move to’. Use that.

Computer file manager
Another benefit of Android is that both Windows and Mac recognizes it and can work with files and folders without issue.

In Windows:
1. Plug in your phone, select USB for charging and change to File transfers.
2. Windows Explorer should pick up the phone and list it as both internal and external memory.
3. Move the folders between internal and external memory as you see fit.

For a Mac:
1. You will need to download and install Android File Transfer onto your Mac before starting.
2. Plug your Galaxy S7 via USB and wait for it to be recognized.
3. Drag and drop folders between locations as you see fit.

These methods make it easy to move any folder to the SD card on a Galaxy S7 either on the phone itself or via a computer. With SD cards being cheap and plentiful, you need never run short of storage again!
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