How to Optimize your room for Oculus Rift

How to Optimize your room for Oculus Rift


Whether you are thinking about buying a brand new Oculus Rift or you already have bought one, you may want to think about optimizing your room so you can have the best experience while enjoying the Rift. There are several things we want to mention that everyone can do in their homes.

1. See if you have enough space in your room
• The Rift doesn’t require a lot of space because it comes with only one sensor and its good for standing still or sitting
• You will only need an area about 1.5 x 1. 5 meters so you can be safe while you are in VR with headset on your head
• However, you may use more than one sensor in your room with the Oculus so you can have more immersive experience, including walking around. In this case you may need a larger space area in your room

2. Setup your desk properly
• Make some room on your desk so your VR accessories have space to live
• When the Rift is on your head, you cannot see the Oculus Remote or the controller so you need to find them by touch. This is much easier with clear desk space and right placement of the accessories
• Also you need a clear space on your desk where you will put your Oculus headset when its not on your head, and you need to be careful with it.

3. Room accessories for better VR experience
• For sitting experience you may need a swivel chair if you don’t already have one. It gives you the ability to turn 360 degrees around with no problem, without having to worry about tripping over any cable in your room.
• For standing experience you may need some non slippery carpet or an anti-fatigue mat, so you don’t slip when you are wondering around in your VR experience

4. Cable management
• You need to make sure you have a clear path between your VR space and your desk where your computer is standing, otherwise the cables connecting the Rift and your PC may wrap around something and cause problems while you are in VR
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