How to Pair Amazon Fire TV Remote?

With the purchase of every Amazon Fire TV, you get a compatible remote. However, you may need another remote or maybe controllers to enable yourself to watch your TV from anywhere. Setting up the TV remote might be a daunting task for some, but anyone can easily pair the remote by following the following steps.
Step 1
Check “Compatibility”
Before you think of using the new remote, you must ascertain that the remote you are about to pair is compatible with the Amazon TV. You must also make sure that it has the right batteries and it is in the range of the Amazon Fire TV device that you are using. While it is common sense to have batteries in your remote, many people forget to check the compatibility. If the remote is not compatible with the Amazon Fire TV, then do not even bother trying to pair it up because it will not work.

Step 2
Go to “Controllers” and “Bluetooth Devices”

From the home screen of your TV screen, go to the setting menu and select “controllers”
Step 3
Select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes”
When you are in the controllers menu, check for “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” and press it to get “Add New Remote”. When you press this, it will help your device to configure a new controller.

Step 4
Press the “Home” button
With the remote that you want to pair the Amazon Fire TV with, press and hold down the “Home” button. Do this for about five seconds to let your remote search for all the remote signals.

Step 5
Select your “Remote”
The above search will bring your new remote wireless signal as a pop up among other devices on the list showing on the screen. Using your already paired remote or controllers, select it from the list. After this, you can are done and can now comfortably start using the new-paired remote with your Amazon Fire TV.

What to Note
Note that besides the compatible Fire TV remotes, you can also pair the Amazon Fire TV with game controllers and blue tooth controllers. You can run as many as seven remotes that are compatible to your Amazon Fire TV. A remote that comes with the Amazon Fire TV has automatic compatibility with the TV. The above steps are for a remote that does not come with the Amazon Fire TV.
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