How to Pair the Bluetooth Q35 Headphones With MacBook Pro

Nobody likes those dangling wires up against your chin while grooving to one’s favourite tunes. A Bluetooth headphone can just be your escape. With the outstanding audio quality of the Q35, you will effortless stay in tune while working out or taking that commute.
Pairing up the Q35 with your MacBook Pro is a breeze. You can get it done by following these simple steps.

1.) Turn on The Bluetooth Headset
Turn on your Bluetooth headset by pressing the 'Power Button' on it. Make sure you charge it enough before starting to pair it up with your MacBook.
Also, as required by Bluetooth devices, make sure that your MacBook and the Q35 are placed at a distance of less than 30 ft. from each other. Else, your Bluetooth headphones might not be detected by MacOS.

2.) Open System Preferences on your MacBook Pro
Click on the Apple logo and open 'System Preferences'. The System Preference dialog box would open.

3.) Open Bluetooth in System Preferences.
Select the 'Bluetooth' option in the System Preference dialog box. The Bluetooth setup box would appear.

4.) Turn on Bluetooth
Turn on the Bluetooth in your MacBook Pro by clicking on the 'Turn on Bluetooth' button in the Bluetooth setup dialog box.

5.) Search for The Headset
As soon as you turn on the Bluetooth, MacOS will automatically start searching for Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.
As soon as your headphones are detected, it would show up in the Devices column, with an option to pair it up with your MacBook Pro alongside.

6.) Pair up Your Headset
Click on the'Pair'button that appears alongside the detected device The process might take a couple of minutes at first go. Be patient and do not cancel it.

Your headphones should now be paired with your MacBook Pro.
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