How to perform a factory data reset on the Samsung Galaxy S7


If you have to return your Galaxy S7 to the store or want to sell it, you’re going to want to remove all identifiable information and personal data before letting it go. That’s where a factory reset comes in. So if you want to know how to perform a factory data reset on the Samsung Galaxy S7, read on.

Much like computer hard drives, phones can contain a huge amount of personal data that we really don’t want nefarious characters to get hold of. Remember to back up all your contacts and data before doing it though!

Factory reset the Galaxy S7 from the menu
You can perform a factory reset from within the phone itself or via the recovery menu. If the phone is working okay and you’re just wiping data, this is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

1. Navigate to the Settings menu and select Backup and reset.
2. Select Factory data reset.
3. Let the process to complete.

Once the factory data reset is complete, your Galaxy S7 will be as fresh as the day you received it.

Factory data reset from the recovery menu
If you are troubleshooting issues or prefer to wipe your phone from boot you can do it from the recovery menu. Here’s how:

1. Power off the handset.
2. Press and hold volume up, home and power buttons until the Galaxy logo appears.
3. Select Wipe data/factory reset from the recovery menu using the volume buttons and use the power button to select.
4. Select ‘Yes – delete all user data’ and confirm.
5. Select ‘reboot system now’ once complete.

Your Galaxy S7 should now reboot as normal and contain no personal information, data or anything identifiable.
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