How To Perform A Factory Reset On The HTC Vive


With every device you buy from the field of VR you should be prepare to have some kind of problem (this does not have to be the case). We are not still aware of an option how to make a factory reset but you will be presented with the reset opportunities that will easily solve your type of problem. These guide will show you the ways to reset some functions on your HTC Vive.

Reset SteamVR USB devices.

Step 1. Unplug every your device for VR

  • ■ Unplug your headset, the linkbox , controllers anything related with VR connected with your PC.
Step 2. Go to SteamVR

  • ■ SteamVR > Settings > Reset > Remove all SteamVR USB Devices > Yes
Step 3. Exit SteamVR

  • ■ After all these steps you can now reconnect your headset.
    ■ Use different USB port from the last time
    ■ Wait all the drivers to install

Reset your controller- if the light is solid red and you see that your controller is not responding

Step 1. Hold every button on your controller except the system button.

  • ■ While you hold the buttons plug the controller into your PC, use a micro USB cord
Step2. Release the buttons after five seconds.

Resetting content lock
Step 1.Exit Steam.

  • ■ Open the Start menu on your PC
Step 2. Select Run

  • ■ Type regedit and then click ok
Step 3. You will need to navigate to this registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Half-Life\Settings\

  • ■ Make a right click on the registry values – user token 2 and user token 3.
    ■ Choose Delete > Exit the registry > Restart Steam
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