How To Prevent Eye Fatigue And Potential Long-Term Damage With Your VR Headset


It’s well known that the devices for VR can cause some side effects. You will need to protect yourself from these side effects and read well all the information before you let yourself into the VR experience. In this tutorial we will provide for you tips how to protect yourself and enjoy your VR trip. So you can Prevent Eye Fatigue and Potential Long-Term Damage with Your VR Headset follow this steps:

Step 1. Avoid prolonged use.

  • ■ If you use your headset too long you can provoke problems with your hand - eye coordination, balance and multitasking ability.
    ■ After every 20-25 minutes make a short brake of 5 minutes. This way you will rest your eyes, release them from stress and prevent any further headaches.
Step 2. Try to move your eyes less.

  • ■ The thing is that you should try to look straighter, and avoid looking other objects around you. If you succeed to keep your eyes fixed to the middle of the screen you will definitely avoid headaches.
Step 3. Adjust the lenses

  • ■ It’s very important to adjust and calibrate your lenses so your focus can be clear. If the focus is blurry that will cause your problems.
Step 4. Lower the brightness.

Step 5. Make the proper upgrade for your PC

  • ■ If your PC has lower frames than required you will be more exposed to headaches and eye problems. To avoid this upgrade your PC hardware.
Step 6. Try to rest your eyes well after using your VR headset.

  • ■ Using VR headset is same as looking at a PC monitor, after using it for a long time you have to rest your eyes so you can prevent any kind of problems with your eyes.
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