How to Reclaim 'Other' Storage Space on an iPad

When you bought your iPad, it came with a fixed amount of storage. However, after a year or two of use, you may notice that your iPad is storing considerably less data than you expected it to. When you sync with iTunes, for instance, you see that a large portion of your storage bar is taken up by data labeled as “other.” What is this data, and how can you reclaim that “other” storage space to truly take advantage of your iPad’s extensive hard drive specs? Use this guide to answer both of those questions.

Step 1

Before you decide to reclaim that “other” storage space on your iPad, you should understand what it is. “Other” data can be pretty much anything, but some of the non-essential data that may be stored in this part of your phone includes failed downloads, data caches, app data, and more. In other words, plenty of it is really not necessary for your device to run properly.

Step 2

Delete your text message conversations. Most of the texts themselves are stored in the texting app itself, but the photos or videos that you’ve sent or received are all cached in “Other.” Needless to say, such data can build up quickly.

Step 3

Wipe out your “Reading List” in Safari. Contrary to popular belief, adding pages to this list doesn’t just bookmark them for easy access, but caches them to your device, specifically to the “Other” category of storage. Cleaning out the list will free up some of that space.

Step 4

Delete the browser cache. Since your device actually stores your reading list on Safari, you’ve probably already figured out that it also caches all of your browser history as well. Chances are this is the big thing clogging up your storage space, so it’s worth wiping out. Head to your “Settings” menu, select “Safari,” and scroll down until you see “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data.” Tap both to free up space, and speed up your device in one fell swoop.


The iPad is the sleekest tablet on the market, but like any other device, it can get bogged down with unnecessary junk data. Taking the steps above will help to free up space on your iPad while also improving the performance of the device.